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24″ XL Wooden Stump Planter

24″ XL Wooden Stump Planter

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It can cost homeowners and gardeners quite a bit of money to remove a tree stump.

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24″ XL Wooden Stump Planter Great to elevate the look of your plant to make the texture of your garden different and take the garden from one dimensional to two or three dimensional.

These are the ones that are almost the size of your garden that is so extravagant you can see the whole thing right in the center of the garden. This is the perfect size to set up an entire fairy garden as well; it’s ideal for the sweet, wide-eyed princess that love the idea of believing the unimaginable. This extra-large wood stump planter is perfect for those special occasions to play with her imagination. You can choose your favorite flowers to be the centerpiece of your oasis. It will give a beautiful start to a perfected garden space, one of your dreams.

The Sheer Beauty and Versatility of Wooden Planters

It’s tough to beat the natural beauty and versatility of XL wooden stump planter, whether it’s a massive patio or a small balcony. An excellent wooden planter made using teak, oak or cedar can quickly enhance the beauty of your garden no matter how sophisticated or contemporary. In the older days, people had to contend with rough cedar boxes or oak half-barrels. Now, painted wooden planters can be the best way to create a uniform garden design, or complement the exteriors of your house.

You should avoid using sealer and stains on these planters as they are most toxic to the plants. Instead, you should use plastic liners as they can extend the life of wood planters and boxes. Alternatively, you can also use them as ‘cache pots’ to hold your potted plants, and they can last for years this way. Another advantage of wood planters is that you can easily combine features such as benches and trellises for a functional and attractive unit.

To maintain a wood planter, it should be treated with the non-toxic stain. You should also line up its inner side with black plastic and provide holes at the bottom for drainage. Stump flower pots are available in wide range of colors and woods, such as redwood, cedar, cypress, teak and they can be easily combined with other garden components such as trellises, storage or seating.

24″ Xl Wooden Stump Planter
You can use cedar planters without staining or painting as they are highly resistant to rot. Another advantage of wooden planters is that they have excellent insulating properties. They can insulate the roots of plants from intense summer heat and can also protect them from the winter frost. Regarding porosity and weight, they fall between clay and plastic, and you can easily extend their lifespan by lining them or set few potted plants inside them. Wood is preferred by all those who prefer planters with a natural affinity for nature and want products that are derived from renewable resources. However, if you want a planter made from a less expensive wood, you can choose cedar or oak, but they will also need regular maintenance.

You can plant right in stump flower pots, or you can use them as a way to dress up your cheap, homely pots. If you are interested in a wooden planter that can last for years, then you should choose one that is made using high-quality woods. Moreover, wood planters are easy to paint, and you can quickly change their color. Keep experimenting until you create a perfect composition!

Wooden Stump Planter



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