About Us

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a business operated by family and strive for the best customer service available to all of our customers. The business has been going for years and have experience in growing and providing the healthiest plants, trees, and shrubs available.

Our Nursery

We will offer the lowest prices available on all of the items and also guarantee the plants, shrubs, and trees. We will also take significant orders for landscapers and will make sure that these rules can be shipped and well cared. We will offer full selections of top quality perennials, water plants and other shrubs and trees for all gardening and landscaping projects. The prices are the best because we will dig and ship the items right from the nursery. We grow and care for all of the plants, shrubs, and trees from the beginning of the growing process to when the customers order them. We become their perennials, shrubs, trees, ferns, evergreens and also water plants to make sure that they are healthy and in top quality conditions.

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We offer a wide selection of wildflowers, shrubs, trees, garden plants, perennials, ferns and wholesale flowers. Everything, dug fresh and shipped straight from the grower to offer one top quality plants. Offering grass plants, garden plants, native grasses, native plants and aquatic plants at wholesale prices. We offer a large selection of plants than most garden nurseries in the United States as well as providing low, competitive prices. Look around; one will not find another nursery offering lower prices.

Shipping costs calculated before checkout. Shipping costs based on the weight of the order and zip code. Shipping costs added before one enters your payment information. They range from 9-17% of the total costs. Machine dug trees will cost more.

Looking to order online, but are not ready for them? No problem.

If one wants to place your order for trees, garden plants or flowers so that one can be assured to have them, but are not ready for them just yet. No problem! In the comments, tell us when your preferred shipping time, and we will tag your plants in the field and leave them until one is ready for them to be shipped.

Lowest price guaranteed on wholesale quantities

We offer grade A quality plants. We ship to all 50 states. We offer a wide selection of vines, perennials, wildflowers, trees, shrubs, ferns and water plants. One can trust us for both low cost and high quality of plants. We contain a large stock so we can always accommodate large orders. We offer a wide selection of balled trees and shrubs to provide the homeowners or landscapers looking for a more distinct, defined look. We have over 1400 acres of plants and trees, do not waste your time with small garden centers anymore.

Looking for bushes, shrubs, ferns, perennials or flowering trees at wholesale prices?

We guarantee the best prices on top quality plants. Buying from us allows one to order straight from the grower and to eliminate the middleman. Purchasing plants straight from the grower gives one fresh, high-quality plants instead of the plants knocked around in shipping, traveling for days and then trying to get revived once they get to the nursery. Wetland plants, pond plants, perennials and shade plants are all offered at discounted prices. We pride ourselves and strive to provide one the best customer service. We are state certified. If one finds a lower price with equal quality, we will match it and give one 10% off.

Anyone can order from us.

One does not have to have a sellers license to purchase from us; anyone can place an order with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Just search the site, move the plants to your shopping cart and checkout! It is easy! We do not offer minimum dollar amounts to purchase, and one does not have to have crazy usernames or passwords. We can be located in middle Tennessee. We ship to every state! We know how to prepare the stock for delivery and to go through customs.

Wholesale prices for larger volumes

We grow over 30,000 plants per kind. The more significant amount of plants per species one orders, the more significant the discount.