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Ajuga 3 For $12.99 Description

Ajuga Reptans or Burgandy Glow Ajuga is A Popular Garden Groundcover


Ajuga reptans are commonly known simply as Burgundy glow or Bugleweed. The word Ajuga means bugle, while reptans means creeping or spreading. Burgundy glow, a herbaceous flowering plant, is native to Europe and is an invasive plant. It is a popular vibrant garden plant used by planters as a groundcover with multi-colored foliage in shades of cream white, rose-burgundy, and dark green with purple-blue flowers that make them unique. Its waxy leaves and vibrant blooms resemble a colorful carpet spread that creates a beautiful landscape. The leaves mature during the fall season and turn into deep bronze, while the new leaves are rose-tone. The plant can grow in the shade of large trees where the grass is hard to establish. The other common name of Burgundy glow is Carpet Bugleweed.


Ajuga Reptans is a Low-maintenance and Highly Versatile Plant

This plant tends to spread more slowly than the other varieties of the same species, making it advantageous as an edging. This remarkably low-maintenance plant is highly versatile and can be helpful in any situation. It can work well on banks or slopes, planted around trees and shrubs, and even fits into rock gardens or mixed container plantings. The plant prefers moist soil with good drainage; however, it could tolerate moderately dry ones. It also provides good air circulation in hot and humid areas and is known to be deer resistant. This low-growing plant spreads in the garden by stolons to form a delightful, mat-like ground cover. However, planting Bugleweed near lawn areas is not recommended since it would quickly spread into turfgrass.

The small plant grows to only about 6 inches tall with a 6 to 12-inch spread, but this little groundcover is durable and rugged. Bugleweed flowers, however, thrive on tall spikes that would reach about half a foot above the plant. The plants are then cut back to the ground after flowering and mowed to make a tidy appearance, removing dead flowers. Divide the plants so as not to become overcrowded or space them apart for prompt cover.

Water the newly planted bugleweeds weekly. When established, water them once every two to three weeks or when the topsoil becomes dry. One of the advantages of growing bugleweeds is that they are easy to grow; it attracts hummingbirds and bees. They help control erosion on a bank or a hill, fill in a patchy lawn where grass refuses to grow, and add color to shady spots. They are also pest-free, the very reason why burgundy glow is the gardener's choice.

Ajuga Reptans is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Reps are also a type of reptilian. Burgundy glow, also known as Bugleweed, is a beautiful garden plant frequently found in pots or used as ground cover. Plants in the burgundy glow family thrive in US hardiness zones four through eleven (UK hardiness H7 – hardy to – 20°C (- 4°F)). Burgundy glow leaves are deep variegated green, pink, and purple (burgundy), with lovely blue blooms blooming in the spring. These plants are minor, only reaching a height of approximately 6 inches (15 cm) and spreading up to 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm). On the other hand, the blooms bloom on tall spikes that rise approximately half a foot (15 cm) above the plant. Because the leaves and blossoms of this creeping perennial are dense, it's a fantastic choice for filling in gaps and out-competing weeds.

Bugleweed is a Lamiaceae (mint) family broadleaf perennial ground cover that is evergreen to semi-evergreen. You can find it throughout Europe, northern Africa, and southwest Asia. Beautiful tiny clusters of purple blooms appear on its compact, dense mat in mid to late spring. It tolerates all light levels and is an excellent choice for damp locations; however, it can even handle somewhat dry soils. It forms a dense, attractive ground cover in cold, shady regions where grass grows. Planting in moist, heavy soils should be avoided, and excellent air circulation should be provided. In the spring or fall, divide these plants if they become overcrowded or propagate by seed.

In a native environment, on a slope or bank, or in a forest garden, Bugleweed looks excellent in a mass planting. A dense mat will help smother weeds, but it's best not to put it in perennial beds or lawns where it'll be difficult to remove. This plant can withstand deer browsing. Several bugleweed cultivars are available. Many share characteristics that make it an excellent groundcover while offering variation in leaf and bloom color and overall plant size and spread.

This plant stands out from the crowd with its fantastic tricolored leaf in creamy-white, rose-burgundy, and dark green tones. In the fall, the mature leaves become a deep golden color, while the new growth takes on a rose hue. Although these plants may thrive in full sun or deep shade and tolerate a wide range of sunlight conditions, they will achieve the most fantastic colors by putting them in partial sunshine. The maroon glow of the Ajuga reptans is prone to fading when exposed to too much sunlight. Burgundy Glow spreads more slowly than many other variants in this species, making it an excellent edging plant. 

Reps is an evergreen groundcover that thrives in the shade of large trees, where grass has difficulty establishing itself. Ajuga is regarded for its lovely, colorful foliage that looks good all year, unlike many perennials grown solely for their blooms.

Sun exposure: Partial

Soil Moisture: Moist 

USDA Zone: 3 to 9

Bloom Time: Mid Spring to Mid Summer

Bloom Color: Blue

Ship as: Bareroot

Height at maturity: 3 to 6 inches tall

As long as the soil is warm, there should be no problem growing this Ajuga near a sunny window indoors.


It is a flowering plant. It is native to Western Asia but is now found worldwide. This plant has many benefits and uses. Burgundy Glow Ajuga has plants with beautiful burgundy foliage, and it is one of the best low-maintenance plants you can add to your garden or landscape. Burgundy glow Ajuga is often called Ajuga reptans Burgundy Glow.

This perennial ground cover will grow in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 9. The Burgundy Glow Ajuga has burgundy-colored leaves contrasting with light green stems and flowers. The flowers may be blue or violet colored, depending on the variety of Ajuga you have planted. In late spring, the flowers are bell-shaped and can be anywhere from white to light blue, depending on the type of Ajuga. The flowers are small and perfect for filling in around other plants or adding color when you want something too large or tall.

It is a natural antiseptic that can help treat cuts and burns. This herb can also help prevent infection resulting from injuries. The antiseptic properties of Burgundy Glow Ajuga are thought to come from its tannin content. This herb has been used in folk medicines for centuries to treat various reproductive health problems in men and women. 

Although it is no longer used to treat this problem today, herbalists still prescribe it for other reproductive issues, including menstrual cramps, irregular or painful menstruation cycles, and PMS symptoms.

It is a beautiful ground cover that has become trendy for gardeners and landscapers. Its low maintenance and ease of growth. It is also fast-growing, with burgundy flowers blooming in late spring to early summer. It will grow in any soil.

One of the best ways to grow this plant is to use trellises, walls, fences, or other structures to climb on. That will give it a vertical garden feel. It can be used as a border plant around walkways and flower beds and then grown up the sides of things like arbors, fences, walls, or trellises. Growing Burgundy Glow Ajuga along these structures can create a theatrical effect. That is especially true when planted in large groupings and other plants. 

Burgundy Glow Ajuga for sale can be grown in containers and on the ground. It needs to be repotted every three years when grown in containers because it will become root-bound and stop growing if left inside a container for too long. This plant can be grown indoors year-round in colder areas using artificial lighting to provide all the light it needs.

Purchase the Burgundy Glow Ajuga because it is tolerant of some shade, so You can plant it under trees or shrubs for an excellent groundcover. It likes moist, fertile, high-organic soil that drains well. It can tolerate light shade and will spread by creeping rhizomes. Because of its small size, it is perfect for rock gardens and other areas that need a ground cover that doesn't take up too much room. In addition to its pretty foliage and flowers, this plant also does well in containers. It does not require much care once established, so it can be left alone for most of the year without much maintenance.





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    Burgundy Glow Ajuga

    Posted by Alisha Jenkins on Jan 26, 2022

    A perfect landscaping plant that accents lovely carpet mosses in the garden. I have maintained a bunch of this for two years already.

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