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American Arborvitae - 12-18" Jiffy Plugs

American Arborvitae - 12-18" Jiffy Plugs

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American Arborvitae is a local evergreen is a persevering, adaptable example.

The restricted, pyramid shape makes it the obvious decision for windbreaks. It requires no consideration when utilized as support or screen. Sets of these strong trees make excellent accents for entryways and garden doors. Furthermore, single trees make house corners seem a lot less glaring. Tall and exquisite, the American arborvitae might be the correct answer for your exterior design. This is an evergreen tree, keeping its foliage all year. The American arborvitae develops to tallness of 40– 60' and a spread of 10– 15' at development. This tree grows at a somewhat slower rate, with growth rates of one to two feet per year. Full sun is the perfect condition for this tree, which means it ought to get no less than six hours of direct, unfiltered daylight every day. The American arborvitae develops well in acidic, loamy, clammy, rich, sandy, silty topsoil, very much depleted, wet soils. 

This tree: American Arborvitae

• Features minor, scale-like leaves that are pressed firmly together in segmenting lines on branchlets, showing in a straightened, fan-like shower.
The leaves change from brilliant green in the mid-year to a huge number of vibrant yellow, and dark colored green tints in the winter • Can be planted 3 feet apart for a low maintenance hedge
• Releases a pleasing aroma when leaves are squeezed.
• Yields light brown or reddish-brown oblong cones that are ⅜–½" long and
• persist through winter. Cone scales are blunt-tipped and separate from each
• other at the base.
• Adapts well to shearing and shaping.
• Grows pyramidal.