American Beech Seedlings grow into substantial formal shade trees, which are distinguished by their smooth gray bark, exotically tangled above-ground roots, and their dark green lance-shaped leaves.

American Beech Seedlings

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Latin Name- Fagus Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 66-115 ft Width- 25-40 Sun or Shade- Full Sun to Partial Shade

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American Beech trees attain a height of 70 feet or more at maturity. Beech trees produce a dense leafy canopy that can spread to as much as 40 feet wide. America Beech seedlings are slow-growing trees: expect 12 inches of new growth or less each year. Although they do not produce instant shade, they grow into one of the most beautiful and beloved shade trees available. The American Beech found almost anywhere east of the Mississippi, but the largest mature specimens located in Ohio and the Mississippi River Valley. Ideal conditions are present in zones 4 through 9. An American Beech can live 300 to 400 years. Plant your American Beech Seedlings in full sun in almost any kind of well-drained soil, but keep the soil consistently moist. Soil content can include loam, sand, or even clay so long as the soil is not swampy or dry.

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Many American Beech trees have been defaced by people who carve names and other symbols into the smooth gray skin. Sadly, these carvings do not heal and remain for years. Mature American Beech trees produce Beech nuts that fall to the ground in autumn. Beechnuts are edible, nutritious, and very delicious, but getting a hold of them before the squirrels, chipmunks, and birds are nearly impossible. Fall coloring for the American Beech ranges from soft orange to gold to yellow and is quite spectacular. American Beech trees have been a traditional favorite in the U.S. for hundreds of years. American Beech trees selected for parks, formal paths and gardens, golf courses, and to shade the lawns in front of government buildings.  American Beech is better known as Fagus Grandifolia. Hardy in planting zones 4-9. The growth rate is 1-2 feet each year. American Beech seedlings at maturity will be 50-70 feet tall and 40 feet wide. This selection usually has a shallow root system. Plant it in full sun and buried in the fertile, moist but well-drained soil. It will naturally grow into an oval shape and used as an ornamental tree. It will attract area wildlife to your landscape. It will put off a nut called the beechnut, and these are the essential diet for chipmunks and squirrels. It is not very drought tolerant. So in hotter climates make sure you water it well and often.

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