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American Holly Tree 6-10" Description

"Carolina" American Holly Ilex Opaca Size Shipped 6-10"

American Holly (Ilex opaca)


American Holly: Ilex opaca, the American Holly tree, is a classic North American native beauty. It is an evergreen tree with broad leaves that create dense foliage. They grow in moderate planting zones 5 through 9 and love a mix of sun and shade.


The American holly has a tall, elegant stature. It usually reaches an average mature height of 25 to 30 feet. Because it likes partial shade, it is a perfect understory tree. Some pair it with a taller deciduous tree--when the leaves fall off the taller tree, the evergreen color remains and keeps the yard looking lively.


TN Nursery suggests this species for any customer seeking advice on an evergreen in a moderately warm zone--especially if they want a showy tree.


Where to Use the American Holly Tree


The American holly tree is good-natured and undemanding. As long as you provide semi-shade and well-draining, fertile soil, it will grow without any trouble--and almost no care.


Here are how TN Nursery customers use the American Holly tree:


  •      Pollinator garden: This tree attracts butterflies, bees, and birds.
  •      Native species garden: This resilient beauty adds height.
  •      Shade garden: Fill in that partially sunny to a partially shaded spot.
  •      Privacy or Screening: The branches stay low to the ground, making this perfect for privacy, a windbreak, or as a snow fence.
  •      Specimen tree: Some use this as a stand-alone specimen in a shady backyard.


Ilex opaca Is a Classic Beauty


The American holly tree displays the classic, rich green, broad leaves that grow densely, creating lovely shade.


During spring, it will blossom, showing off lovely, one- to three-inch white flowers that grow in small, attractive clusters. Those flowers give way to orange-red berries in the fall.


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