Andropogon Big Bluestem

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The Andropogon Gerardii, Or The Big Bluestem, Serves As A Seasonal Eye-catcher And Excellent Forage

The big bluestem, formally known as the Andropogon Gerardii, is a perennial species of tall grass native to an expanse of the Great Plains and certain grassland regions of central and eastern North America. Considered the king of native grasses, the big bluestem often appears in landscaping, agriculture, and landscape conservation efforts thanks to its hardiness and tolerance for poor soil conditions, drought, and adaptability to fire. As it is revered not only for its functional properties, the big bluestem can serve as a decorative feature, adding splashes of color to a landscape from bright green in the spring to a bluish-green in the summer transforming into a fiery copper-red in the fall months. Thanks to its fast growth and tolerance for numerous growing conditions, it can serve as a landscaping element and a border for an open property line. Along with its agricultural uses, the big bluestem's high biomass and high protein content make it an excellent forage for horses, cattle, and wild herbivores.

Big Bluestem-Andropogon Gerardii Is Unique From Other Grasses, With Its Hardiness And Presence Of Stems

A solid stemmed grass, the big bluestem sets itself apart from most of the other grass species with hollow stems, and it spreads by rhizomes and seeds. Its flat stems contain a bluish coloring at the base, and in July through October, the grass sports inflorescences reaching from three to six feet tall. These inflorescences, in turn, become three-part seed heads reminiscent of turkey feet, giving its other nickname of "turkey foot grass." Until it resumes growth in spring, the clumping grass will assume a reddish hue in the autumn. The big bluestem boasts tiny purple or yellow spikelets in its flowering season, which helps accent a native flower garden.

The big bluestem is a perennial bunchgrass that thrives in temperate, arid climates with warm summers and cool winters, and its thick roots grow from six to ten feet deep; this grass is also widely responsible for the prairie sod's formation. Virtually immune to disease and pests, the big bluestem adapts to part shade, and it grows in the dry soils of North American prairies and sandy or clay soils with good drainage. Poor quality soils, shallow soils, and soils with a low pH may also suffice. Bluestem grasses, once established, are exceptionally drought-tolerant, and specialty nurseries cultivate and sell the bluestem for this feature. While the big bluestem does not require regular fertilization, applying a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the spring can help the grass establish itself quickly, which is desirable when grown as forage for cattle and other herds.

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