Arrow Arum - Unlike many species of aquatic plants, arrow arum plants are non-aggressive and very easy to control. They can grow to 1-3 feet in height (2.5-7.5 meters.)

Arrow Arum

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Arrow Arum (Peltandra virginica) Hardiness Zone: 5-9 Light Requirements: Full Sun to Shade Height: 1' to 2' - Spread: 24" Water Depth: Moist Soil

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Arrow Arum, also known as Tuckahoe, is an aquatic perennial plant commonly found in the eastern wetlands of the United States of America, Quebec, Ontario, and Cuba.  Also found in the Everglades and the Gulf Coast; They appear in colonies growing along shallow waterways and streams. Its shield-shaped leaves can easily recognize it. They can grow to 1-3 feet in height (2.5-7.5 meters.)They also have a uniquely shaped flower resembling an ear of corn surrounded by a single white petal. These flowers bloom during April, May, and June.
Arrow Arum will not spread or overgrow in the water. This plant grows greenish blackberries. When these berries fall into the water, the pulp of the berry ruptures and the seed sinks to the bottom of the water. The seed then sprouts underwater, forming a new arrow arum sprout. Arrow Arum grows best with lots of shallow water and muddy soil. Arrow arum does not have any natural predators, so there is a minimal risk of attacks or ailments from pests or disease. Arrow Arum (Peltandra virginica) has dark green waxy leaves which grow in an arrowhead shape. It yields a white arum-like flower which blooms sporadically in the summer months. The seed ball will split open in the fall and is a favorite food for ducks. A perennial water plant which primarily grows in wetlands in the Eastern United States, it can form large colonies in shallow tidal fresh waters. All of these traits make arrow arum plants an excellent choice for water gardens, streams, and ponds. Arrow Arum easy control and durability make it an especially attractive choice for first-time pond gardens.


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This prevents sediment from rising and clouding up pond water. It also helps avoid waves that could disturb other plants or pond banks. Also, arrow arum plants help prevent erosion, which can damage stream banks. Arrow arum is a natural food source for ducks and provides cover for aquatic mammals and wading birds such as rails.
Arrow Arum
Hardy Planting Zones - 5-9
Height At Maturity - 2-3 Feet
Soil Requirements - None, Arrow Arum grows in the water while embedded in the mud


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