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Autumn Red Maple Tree

Autumn Red Maple Tree

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum Hardy Planting Zone- 4-11 Mature Height- 40-50 ft Width- 25-30 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

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The Autumn Red Maple tree is commonly referred to as the water maple or soft maple in some areas.

Its botanical name is Acer Rubrum. These magnificent trees are widespread in the eastern and central portions of North America. This tree is also known as the most common tree in the United States. They are deciduous trees which means that they will lose their leaves in autumn months, but not before putting on a brilliant show of red foliage that will stand out in any landscape, residential or commercial. These beautiful trees can reach a height of up to 60 feet and have a full spread of up to 40 feet when they are aged out.

They make excellent trees for any size landscape and are very versatile to work with, even in very urban areas.

They grow naturally oval and are considered moderately fast-growing trees are growing at between 1-2 feet each year. They love sunlight and will do well when they can get at least 6 hours daily of sunlight. They can acclimate to most any soil conditions or types as long as moisture and good drainage are provided to keep the roots healthy. They are capable of producing some of the prettiest deep, red foliage in the fall. Another significant fact about the Red Maple is that they give you a beautiful show all year round with redbuds in the winter time, red flowers in the spring, and leafstalks in the summertime as well. The leaves are anywhere from two to six inches long with a medium to dark green color. The twin seeds are found at the tips and ripen in late spring. These trees are also used for maple syrup production and high-grade lumber.

As a bonus to the already beautiful things about these trees is that they provide food for wildlife such as rabbits, deer, and squirrels.

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