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The Bald Cypress, Taxodium Distichum Has Jade Needles That Transform Into A Shimmering Coppery Gold During The Cold Season

The bald cypress, also known as Taxodium distichum or the cypress chauve in French, is a deciduous conifer in the family Cupressaceae native to the southeastern United States. Noted for the russet-red fall color of its lacy needles, this hardy, and thorny tree adapt to a wide range of soil types, whether wet, salty, dry, or swampy. Standing out from any other tree, much less any cypress, these tall conifers with flared trunk bases are reminiscent of the Florida everglades.

Unlike its name, the bald cypress isn't bald, and like every living tree, it grows foliage that helps in photosynthesizing. With alluring jade needles that are soft and feathery to the touch throughout spring and summer, hands turn into that warm coppery gold as temperatures drop before falling and leaving an attractive sight of rust-colored mulch inches deep. Its main trunk, often surrounded by cypress trees, is covered in grayish-brown bark to reddish-brown, thin, and fibrous with a stringy texture along with vertically interwoven patterns of shallow ridges narrow furrows. As the species is monoecious, with male and female tassel-like flowers on a single plant's branchlets, it flowers in April, with its seeds ripening in October. While the male cones emerge on panicles that are four to five inches long, female cones are round, resinous, and green while young before hardening and darkening as the tree matures. With about twenty to thirty spirally arranged, four-sided scales, the cones contain one, two, or three triangular seeds, which the cones release upon disintegrating at maturity. The seeds, which have three to nine cotyledons each, are the largest of any Cupressaceae species, about five to ten millimeters long, and produce heavy crops every three to five years.

Bald Cypress-Taxodium Distichum Gives A Splash Of Seasonal Color In A Landscape And Can Last For Centuries If Well-Taken Care Of

As a conifer that gives the landscape a unique four-season focal point, the bald cypress can last for centuries once established in the correct location. Only during the initial planning and planting stage will most of your maintenance efforts come into fruition, as planting a large conifer like the bald cypress is an investment of time and space. Always consider the tree's size in the present and about ten years into the future, as adding structures such as a patio, pergola, or pool may disrupt the planned growth for the tree. Other factors may include home infrastructures, such as plumbing, sewers, electrical, and foundation. The tree requires full sun to partial shade and well-draining, sandy, acidic soil that can retain moisture, and it requires a standing water source such as banks of streams, lakes, and rivers in the wild.

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