Bareroot FAQ

The Bareroot FAQ – Bare Root Plants and Trees Does as well in dormant season as containerized plants. Bare root trees are taken directly from the field and wrapped in peat moss, dipped in tera sorb and paper is then placed around the roots for maximum protection. We ship bare root trees and shrubs in the dormant season of October- Mid April. We ship perennials, ferns, ground covers, vines and wetland plants year round.

We at Wholesale Nursery is aware that there are a lot of questions concerning Bare Root shrubs and trees when purchasing and ordering. We have Frequently Asked Question category just focused on these items.

Customers and landscapers will have questions concerning how these items can be shipped, prepared for shipment and also on planting these items. We try and answer all questions in this category on the website.  If for some reason, the question that a customer has not mentioned we will be glad to answer them and one can call at 1-931-692-4266 or use the Contact Us which can be found on the website page, and we will answer your questions.  We try and provide the information needed for the Bare Root shrubs and trees and will also offer to plant information on these.  The information will provide detailed instructions on how to take care of and plant Bare Root shrubs and trees.

Every plant is thoroughly inspected before they were packaged and leave the facility to make sure they are not broken or damaged. An inspection certificate is kept for proof. Insurance can be offered at the customers expense at checkout. Wholesale nursery will not be held responsible for damaged, defective or broken merchandise.