Barnyard Grass is an excellent plant for lawns and gardens where it creates a very naturalistic aesthetic that conjures up images of open farm fields and prairies.

Barnyard Grass

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Latin Name-Echinochloa Crus-Galli Hardy Zone- 3-8 Mature Height-5ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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The grass will grow up to 5ft. With a width of up to 6in. It is typically golden and green in color. One of the most significant benefits of planting Barnyard Grass in your garden or lawn is that the plant keeps insects at bay and can work as a natural form of weed management. Birds are also attracted to the taller grass, and this can enhance the natural beauty of your home as you greet in the morning and evenings with visiting birds. To grow Barnyard Grass, you will need moist soil and either a partially shaded or in full view of the sun. The grass is natural to grow and does not require much work on the part of the homeowner. It should plant during the spring or summer seasons.

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Barnyard Grass is also known as Echinochola Crusgalli; Hardy planting zones are 3-8; The growth rate is up to 5-foot per year. Barnyard Grass proliferates and looks very natural. The sedge grass flourishes in moist soil with full sun to partial shade. This grass is winter hardy and can be produced in clay-like soil, although it does better in the more fertile soil. Barnyard Grass is an annual grass. It can reach up to 5-feet in height and spread to 6 inches per plant. The fast-spreading grass is ideal for filling barren areas; The plant leaves are a slender and vibrant green color; Grass fronds can range in length from 4-20 inches. Seeds resemble green to reddish-purple millet pods. Birds help to germinate new growth by eating the grain and spreading them among the existing plants.

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