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Beauty Berry Bush

Beauty Berry Bush

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Hardy Zones 4-9. Beautyberry - Callicarpa Americana

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Feast your eyes on the remarkable Beauty Berry Bush that can bring joy all year long.

It is a quickly growing deciduous shrub that can reach 8 feet tall and wide. In Spring the Beauty Berry Bush blooms precious pinkish lavender flowers similar to lilacs. When Autumn comes, the leaves turn a lovely yellow chartreuse color, and in Winter the bush with its bright purple or white berries decorates your house like a sugarplum fairy Christmas tree. They appreciate some shade so full sun not being a necessity makes them easier to grow. They can endure periods of drought but take rain and watering well also.

The Beauty Berry Bush doesn't generally need pruning and is beautiful all year round.

It also has a few issues with pests and actually can act as a deterrent or repellent for mosquitoes and other unwanted visitors. It also is helpful for fending off ant invasions. Part of the reason the Beauty Berry Bush has pest repellent properties is due to its antimicrobial nature which could make them potential potent medicine to deal with disease and even improve brain function, according to some preliminary scientific studies done. They are also chock-full of antioxidants.

The berries are edible although they may taste more medicinal than like traditional berries bought in the grocery store.

The medicinal taste does fade upon cooking though. They are mildly zesty and sweet but the bitterness when raw can overpower the inherent tastiness. They can be used to make delectable jams and other treats, however, and you can lose the guilt knowing they are bestowing health properties if you choose to harvest the berries and use them. If not there are surely benefits involved with just looking at them, for color therapy is surprisingly scientifically validated as well. There's much to say about beauty, and the human condition and these startlingly gorgeous Beauty Berry Bushes can certainly speak for themselves.

The Beauty Berry Bush is true to its name. This bush grows the best in hardy zones 6-8. This bush can grow to fall feet tall. It produces pink to purple flower in the summer. In the fall the bush produces purple berries. The Beauty Berry Bush requires lots of sunlight and partial sunlight. The soil should be well drained to ensure the berry bush will grow properly. This bush is famous in the Far East and the southern part of the United States.

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