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Beige Trillium

Beige Trillium

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Beige Trillium - Trillium Erectum Hardy Planting Zones - 3-7 Sun or Shade - Partial and Full Shade Mature Height - 24" Mature Width - 20" Bloom Season - Spring (April to June) Gardener Status - Beginner

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Beige Trillium – Trillium Erectum

Despite its suggestive color name, Beige Trillium is not beige at all, but rather a dark, reddish-purple tint, thus it is perhaps more accurately referred to by any of its other names, such as Red Trillium. This flower, like many different kinds of Trillium plants, is also known to as “Wake Robin,” a colorful name which was devised for the species because such plants tended to blossom yearly, at the very time the first spring robins of Europe would be sighted. However, the most curious name the plant sometimes is known by is Stinking Benjamin, the former portion of which is quite apt, for if you sniff the plant its aroma, in the Spring, smacks faintly of rotting flesh! While this might seem extremely strange, there is an excellent reason for it – pollination. Flies of numerous different types are strongly attracted to the scent of decaying animal remains, for that is where they lay their eggs, and as such flock swiftly to the odoriferous Beige Trillium and unwitting help it spread its pollen and thus hasten the procreative process.

The flowers of the plant oscillate from a pure, stark white to a deep burgundy red. However, the mature plant always maintains a deep purple gynoecium (gyne – woman, Oikos – house: the middle portion upon the “head” of the plant, between the petals, that is, the seeding part of the plant). One of the plant’s most characteristic features outside of its brilliant colors is the shape of the petals themselves which always consist of three large, sharply pointed petals which, when in full bloom, form a triangle.

Trillium Erectum is primarily native to Canada (specifically Eastern Canada) as well as the eastern portion of the United States of America and tends to grow best in deciduous forests. Like many other perennial plants, Trillium Erectus's life cycle is synchronized to the growth and death of the forest around it, and thus the foliage of any given appropriate wood is a good indicator about the likelihood of finding blossoming Trilliums. The plant is a spring ephemeral and grows to be around 16 inches in height at full maturity, displaying a spread of about 12 inches at full maturity. They are considerably more hardy than many other perennials as they had extreme resistance to cold, so much so that they can withstand temperatures as lost as – 35 Celsius!

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