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Bell Wort

Bell Wort

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Merry Bells - Uvularia Grandiflora Hardy Planting Zones - 4-9 Sun or Shade - Full Sun Mature Height - 12-18" Mature Width - 12-18" Bloom Season - Spring (April to June) Gardener Status - Intermediate

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Bell wort is a perennial woodland wildflower that blooms in the spring.

It preferred a moderate to moist soil and shaded wooded area or garden. It is known for its erect stature with drooping vase-shaped yellow flowers. It grows up to 20 inches tall and lasts throughout the summertime. After the seeds set, needle-like stems start to sprout and grow leaves, which look as if the needles are threading them. It has a very slow spread, and clumps thrive best in planting or naturalized groups. Once the clusters have matured, they are tolerant of dry spells and don’t require regular watering. When fall comes around, the clumps can be easily divided. It is attractive to both ants and several bee species. The former collects and rearranges the seeds while the bees thrive on the nectar and transfer the pollen.

Bell wort is a beautiful wildflower that blooms in late spring and early summer during May and June months.

The Bell wort wildflower has a distinctive look like the plant droops as it thrives in a similar aesthetic as that of the Weeping Willow tree. The plant itself has yellow flowers and light yet bright green stems and leaves. This plant would make a perfect choice for a woodland area or well-shaded garden if placed in the center as its distinctive shape draws the eye towards it. They also give the space a wild and natural feel that is perfect for any water areas such as rivers, streams, or a small human-made pond.

To grow Bell wort, you need to keep the tree in a shaded region, preferably underneath a tree, where it can be given full shade during the hottest parts of the day. The plant grows best in medium to dry moisture soil and needs to be placed approximately an inch apart from other plants. The Bell wort is also an excellent choice for homeowners who prefer to let their gardens grow on their own as the plant does not require trimming or pruning. It dies in the fall and begins growing the following spring again.

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