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Big Leaf Periwinkle

Big Leaf Periwinkle

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The leaves are dark green and can grow up to 2 inches long and up to an inch wide. They are found growing opposite of each other.

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Big Leaf Periwinkle also knew as Vinca Major.

It will thrive best when planted in hardy planting zones 2-11. The growth rate for this perennial can grow up to 3 feet tall when it is fully mature. It is considered a fast grower and prefers full sun to partial shade. It needs medium moisture, with well-drained soils to grow at its best. Big Leaf Periwinkle is considered a vine or a groundcover because it can grow along almost anything it crosses. It will root along the stems and form dense masses.

The leaves are dark green and can grow up to 2 inches long and up to an inch wide. They are found growing opposite of each other. They can also have a leathery texture to them. The blooms are a purple color and can grow up to 3 inches in diameter. They will bloom in early spring, and the contrast between the green and purple makes them unbelievable. This perennial can turn a dull area into a most attractive area in almost no time because it grows so fast and can spread quickly. The blooms have five petals that are dark purple on the outer areas with white or green in the middle. These would look great in a garden where other plants may not be able to thrive as well. However, keep in mind planting them in California is prohibited. Native to the Western Mediterranean, the Big Leaf Periwinkle is an effective and efficient ground cover. It features broad hairless leaves and bold blue or purple pinwheel flowers about the size of an American quarter. This evergreen to semi-evergreen plant is easy to grow, spreads quickly, and thrives equally well in sun or deep shade. Ideal for covering large sloped areas and other problem spots, this drought-resistant plant boasts glossy elliptical, triangular, or heart-shaped leaves.

Dark green or variegated, leaves are opposite and add significantly to the plant’s aesthetic appeal.

The Big Leaf Periwinkle grows well in a variety of soils, including those containing clay or sand. This plant needs only occasional deep watering. Rainfall is generally sufficient for its growth. Great at choking out unwanted weeds, this plant is fast growing. It can grow to 6.6 feet in length, with its glossy but leathery leaves measuring 1.5 to 2.5 inches long. The vine’s flowers have five petals, and they grow individually on stalks that originate in the leaf node. The Big Leaf Periwinkle’s delicate flowers are vibrant and eye-catching, and they range in color from blue to violet with a white base. This plant is capable of growing up to 12 inches tall, but it tends to spread outward rather than grow upward. Introduced to the United States from Europe in the 18th century, this winding plant is still commonly chosen by gardeners for use as a decorative ground cover. Because it spreads so quickly and efficiently, the Big Leaf Periwinkle is considered a useful species for controlling soil erosion, for carpeting vast wide open spaces and slopes, and for filling in stubborn spots under trees and bushes. When planted in rock gardens, this pretty evergreen ground cover is a beautiful complement to some other species, including creeping phlox and lavender.

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