Bird's Foot Violets are a low-growing perennial got its name because of the striking resemblance the leaves have to birds’ feet.

Bird's Foot Violets

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Birds Foot Violet - Viola pedata Hardy Planting Zones - 4-8 Sun or Shade - Full Sun Mature Height - 0.25-0.50" Mature Width - 0.25-0.50" Bloom Season - Spring (March to May) Gardener Status - Beginner

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Each of the dark green leaves reaches a length between ¾ and 2 inches, and they are segmented into three to five on a stem. The stem itself may reach 6 inches in diameter. The clumped plant works best in the well-drained, and somewhat dry soil to prevent the roots from rotting, and they thrive in partial to full sun; however, they cannot tolerate a full day of sun. The plant thrives when spaced about four to 6 inches apart, and they're particularly fond of rocky or poor soil, which makes them a real gem for some particularly challenging landscape situations. They reach a height of between 3 and 10 inches at maturity. Bird's Foot Violets are early bloomers and herald the beginning of spring in March and April. When in full bloom, they typically present with beautiful light to dark purple petals that encircle the orange center, but they also produce a variety of blues to white and bi-color petals. Each bloom consists of five petals, and the flower itself is about 2 inches in diameter.

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It stands to reason since Florida's soil was notoriously waterlogged in the early days. Although the Bird's Foot Violet is not an invasive variety, it doesn't necessarily play well with others either. Bird's Foot Violets seem to prefer to stand alone in its stately elegance to be admired. When you have such an adaptable beauty, that's relatively pest resistant; it's easy to overlook the Bird's Foot Violet's tendency to be a loner. Besides, it gives you a much better picture of its spectacular blooms.


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