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Black Chokeberry Live Stakes

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Aronia Melanocarpa Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 3-6 ft Width- 6-10 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade OR Full Sun

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Black Chokeberry Live Stakes are perfect for anyone desiring an addition that is easy to plant, grows beautifully and provides a lovely appearance and color.

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes will reach a height of roughly five feet tall and five feet in diameter. Black Chokeberry Live Stakes will grow well in all different types of soil. This beauty loves partial to full sunlight.

During the summer and spring, Black Chokeberry Live Stakes are filled with clusters of round, dark purple to blackberries. The berries ripen late in the summer and reach sizes of a quarter to half an inch. This is preceded by fragrant, white flowers in two or three-inch clusters. They come alive every autumn when the leaves turn a golden orange, and red highlights are often seen on the leaves. These stakes provide the perfect way to create a stunning decorative border.

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes berries can be cooked for delicious baked goods, preserves, juices, and jellies.

The high antioxidant count offers numerous health benefits. When planted in groups they provide shelter for animals and act as windbreakers. Black Chokeberry Live Stakes are very easy to plant and maintain as they grow. They grow to be three to five feet tall and also around five feet wide. They thrive when planted in different soil types and even love full and partial sunlight. They are great for climate zones three through eight. The Black Chokeberry Live Stakes shrub displays beautiful colors during the spring, summer, and fall every year. Black Chokeberry Live Stakes are also great for creating decorative borders. Buy Black Chokeberry Live Stakes today from Our Nursery!

USDA Climate Zone: 3 – 8
Shrub Height: 3 – 5 Feet
Shrub Width: 3 – 5 Feet
Soil Type: Adaptable to Various Soils
Sun: Prefers Full Sun to Partial Sun

Black Chokeberry Live Stakes Ships As – Bareroot Plant


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