Black haw shrub also called viburnum prunifolium, or stag-bush is a part of the elderberry family.

Black haw shrub

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Black haw shrub also called viburnum prunifolium, or stag-bush is a part of the elderberry family. The plant can be found in North America, Illinois, and Chicago.

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The plant found in North America, Illinois, and Chicago; has a crooked trunk and grows small or large and grows about 8 to 15 feet tall. In the spring, new leaves and flowers bloom. The long green leaves are oval and pointed on end. The leaves are about three to four inches long. The tree has no known problems with disease. The small white clusters of flowers are nine millimeters in diameter. The dark blue-black fruit provides food for many birds. Young stems are thin with a pink bloom. The plant grows best in the sun to partial shade but adapts to most environments. It grows well in zones three to nine. The soil should be moist but well-drained; Mature bark is brown with a broken pattern. Black-haw viburnum is a large shrub or a small, native tree. In spring, new leaves emerge copper-colored followed by white, flat-topped flowers. In the fall, black fruits contrast with the pinkish-red foliage — an excellent plant for naturalized areas. 

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The large and upright, multi-stemmed shrub his beautiful flowers in fall can provide a beautiful landscape. In the fall, the foliage will turn to different colors and can be showy if is sited in the full sun. It can reach fifteen feet tall at maturity, and his fruit will often attract wildlife. This type of plant is a slow-grower. They provide a right amount of shade. When it blooms, you will have a good plant in your garden.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Viburnum runiform

USDA Climate Zone: three to nine feet

Tree Height: twelve to fifteen feet

Tree Spread: six to twelve feet

Soil Type: Moist soil, but can grow reasonably good in more impoverished soil

Sun: Full Sun to part shade

This type of plant is a slow-grower and has a long lifespan. His fruits began appearing in fall to winter attracting birds to eat his sweet fruit.

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The Blackhaw Viburnum is a good investment if you want to provide to add flavor to your garden in the fall and winter with his beautiful flowers. Take care of his pruning, so that it takes shape and water his shrub in dry periods.

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