Black Willow Fascines

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  • Black Willow Fascines
  • Black Willow Fascines
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Black Willow, Salix Nigra is one of the Larger of the Willow Trees  

The brown-flowered black willow live stakes are usually smallish but can get over 100 feet tall. These trees prefer river and swampy areas and require full access to sunlight. The bright leaves on the tree are oval. Its bark is usually dark brown and tends to be somewhat cracked.

Black Willow, Salix Nigra Prefer River and Swampy Areas and Require Full Access to Sunlight 


Hardy in planting zones 4-9. The growth rate at maturity can reach 30 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Black Willow has a rapid growth rate if planted in full to partial sun. Plant in almost any type of soil as long as it is moist, even ones poorly drained. If planted in dry soil, it may not have a lot of vigor.

The fall color of this tree will be a lighter green. Black Willow is one of the larger of the willow tree family. It can be grown commercially and used to make wicker furniture, as it is light and weak, making it hard to splinter. It also can be used to create boxes, toys, and even tea from the roots of this tree. This tree has the habit of being multiple trunk tree.

When it comes to trees, the Black willow will require some time and effort to maintain. However, it is one of the more durable trees around. Its pointed green leaves distinguish the tree. However, it comes in some different sizes. The size of this tree can range from 7 feet to 25 feet tall. This tree is best in hardy zones 3 through 9. As long as you have quality soil, adequate sunlight, as well as feeding and watering it regularly, it will be just beautiful. Due to its size, you will need to grow the tree outdoors in grass fields and large yards. The scientific name for this unique tree is Salix nigra.

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Black Willow is the Most Massive of the Willow Tree Family

 Black Willow is the most massive tree of the willow family and grows from 30 to 100 feet in height. Its bark develops deep grooves and a rough texture as it ages, giving the tree an eye-catching texture. The surface of the bark isn’t the only thing that changes over time – its color varies too. The bark color of new growth begins as green and gradually fades to brown; eventually, as the bark matures, it becomes black. The different ages in the bark and the black willow’s unique texture can give it an almost marbled appearance. The Black Willow Seedlings tree features long, thin leaves that are bright green. These leaves can grow up to 5 inches in length. This tree’s colorful leaves make for a striking combination against the dark bark of the tree.

Black Willow Seedlings are Great for Many Landscaping Projects with their Colorful Leaves and Beautiful Bee Attracting Flowers


The Black Willow Seedlings are also dioecious and produce yellow flowers between early March and April. These flowers are produced on catkins and are one of the first foods for bees after the winter. The black willow’s branches also attract butterflies and other forms of wildlife. After the flowers pollinate, the black willow produces brown fruit. The black willow loves wet, poorly drained soils and can tolerate a wide range of PH values in landscaping. Its growing mediums of choice are the clay, loam, and sandy soils. This willow is a fast-growing tree hardy in zones 4 -9. The black willow excels in erosion control and tolerates wet, swampy conditions. Best planted where the soil is continually damp and is happiest around water like ponds or streams.

Black Willow Seedlings are great for many landscape projects. This tree can grow in moist and poorly drained soils in composition. In the spring, the tree will produce yellow catkins striking against the green foliage. The leaves will turn a golden yellow for the fall, providing a lot of color and beauty in the area. It is excellent for providing interest in the landscape.

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Latin Name- Black Willow/Salix nigra Hardy Planting Zones- Zones 2-8 Mature Height- 30-60 feet Mature Width- 15-25 feet Bloom Season- March and April Sun or Shade- Full sun
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