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Black Willow Oak Tree Seedlings

Black Willow Oak Tree Seedlings

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Latin Name- Black Willow/Salix nigra Hardy Planting Zones- Zones 2-8 Mature Height- 30-60 feet Mature Width- 15-25 feet Bloom Season- March and April Sun or Shade- Full sun

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The Black Willow Oak Tree Seedlings is a sensational addition to any landscape.

People chose these trees for Parks and backyards for a serene atmosphere feeling. The leaves dangle down measuring three inches in length, and this cascading effect can cause a calming effect for your yard. The leaves are deciduous, narrow and lance-shaped with round tapered bases. The buds appearance is cone-shaped and colors of ranges of brown.

 It is a fast-growing tree that can often reach its maturity in 20-30 years. They grow very well from seedlings at a rate of 2-3 feet per year.

They are the largest of the willow trees. Their name comes from their smooth black bark or sometimes a color of very dark brown. It has twigs that are olive green or pale orange when young. They will have pods of a brownish red color that will hang in clusters. The Black Willow Oak Tree provides ornamental shade. At their maturity, they are usually 40-50 feet in height, occasionally growing sixty to ninety feet in height. It is a wide-span branching tree, and their width can be 20-30 feet or more.

The best growing zones are three through eight. The Black Willow Oak Trees need moist soil.

They grow well in low lying areas where water may stand at times. Their desire for water allows their roots to soak up much of the water from the ground during times of rain. These trees' root base helps with the erosion of the soil. They enjoy full sun but can tolerate partial shade. The Black Willow Oak Tree is a close relation to a weeping willow tree. The canopy of the tree can have the rounded shape of the weeping willow to a more casual and open look of oak trees. Any form is a beautiful addition to your property.

The hardy planting zones are 3-9. The growth rate is 1 to 2 feet each year. This tree will not mind being on wet soil and even will tolerate flooding. Its bark is black, or a dark brown and has twigs that are olive green or pale orange when young. It will have pods of brownish red that will hang in clusters. The wood of this tree is not durable, so it is used for flooring, boxes, and pulpwood. Make sure you have a site with plenty of moisture as this tree has shallow roots that want a lot of moisture. The canopy of this tree is usually round and spreading out, however, can be irregular and open.

Black Willow Oak Tree Seedlings


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