Black Willow Tree is Hardy Planting Zones 3-8 and Known as the Weeping Willow

Black Willow Tree

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Latin Name- Black Willow/Salix nigra Hardy Planting Zones- Zones 2-8 Mature Height- 30-60 feet Mature Width- 15-25 feet Bloom Season- March and April Sun or Shade- Full sun to partial shade

Black Willow Tree is Hardy Planting Zones 3-8 and Known as the Weeping Willow

The black willow tree referred to as Salix nigra, swamp willow, or weeping willow; The tree found near wetlands in eastern parts of the United States; The average tree grows at the height of 50 to 65 feet tall. Off of a single trunk are multiple stems. The tree often leans as the tree grows. The trees bloom dangling catskins with tiny flowers that do not have petals. The bark of the tree is dark brown, black, or gray. Growing this tree is as simple as breaking off a branch and planting it in the ground near water. The tree grows better in the sun but can grow in shady areas. Though the tree matures in thirty years, the species is known for having a short life expectancy. The wood has no odor or taste and has been used as a tonic to cleanse the blood. Many things are made from this tree because the wood is light and flexible. Some furniture parts and artificial limbs made from this tree

 Black Willow Tree makes an Outstanding Shade Tree 

Black Willow is also known as Salix Nigra. Hardy planting zones are 3-8. The growth rate is up to 3 feet per year. The Black Willow is a fast growing tree and will thrive in various soil types and conditions. This will make a beautiful tree for everyone to enjoy. They are very easy to care for and will not take a lot of care when growing. This tree will grow to be 80 to 100 feet tall and can be as full as 40 to 60 feet. It will thrive in full and partial sunlight. This tree is fantastic when grown and will make an outstanding shade tree to enjoy. This tree will add lots of color and activity to a lawn.

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