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Blackberry bushes requires moist soil and has a long growth time. Used to create ambiance and grow berries.

Blackberry Bush

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Blackberry bush is botanically from the species Rubus genus in the Rosaceae family. Many different strains come from the same genus Rubus, with some being bread without thorns, while others are hardier for harsher climates.

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It requires moist soil and has a long growth time. Blackberry Bushes are survivors of many kinds of weather and dense with foliage. It is used to create ambiance and grow berries. Blackberry Bushes are thick and green, with thorny or thornless vines featuring white flowers which blossom into blackberries. The blackberry bush is also known as the Rubus villosus. The best and planting zones for this plant is 3-10. The growth rate is up to 20 feet typically. Blackberry needs staking up so that it can grow upright without being so full and wide or you can plant it and let it go. This bush can grow up to 20 feet, but most homeowners prefer to keep it cut down unless they have a way for it to run or climb on. It prefers full sun with little shade. Although it can tolerate some shade, planted in an area that receives too much shade, they will not produce any berries. It is preferred to not plant this bush near other vegetables or plants because they can cover them up and drown them. These bushes have been known to live over 20 years. It prefers to grow in acidic soil but can quickly adapt. They also need to be planted in an area that has good drainage. Although it can often take time change to different soil types, it does prefer to be in soil that is either sandy or clay-based. The pH level of the ground should be between 5.5 and 7 for optimal growth. The best time to grow them is during early springtime. When it gets water regularly, the fruit yield will be more significant and more productive. The roots do not prefer lots of water, but a regular watering to get it established is preferred. The foliage is dark green with small white blooms. The fruit can grow dark in color and up to 3 inches long.

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