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Bladder Fern

Bladder Fern

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Scientific name: Cystopteris Montana USDA Hardiness Zone: Anywhere from five degrees to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit Height: anywhere from twelve to thirty-six inches Spread: nine to twelve inches Bloom: None

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The Bladder Fern is a perfect ground cover because it is independent, and requires little care.

This fern is named because of the bulbous sacs that appear under its healthy and broad fronds during certain seasons. These sacs are full of nutrients that aid in the fern’s reproductive cycle.

This fern is an oddity in the fern family because it prefers a semi-dry soil condition. It is regularly found thriving within limestone and sandstone formations.

Boosting this fern’s growth only requires a thin layer of rich compost fertilizer. Even without fertilization, this fern can encompass a large garden area. It provides shade, but rarely interferes with the growth of other annuals and perennials. This fern will develop ornamental spore sacs that spread the fern’s profile late in growing seasons. Overall, the Bladder Fern is carefree foliage that compliments other flowering plants, without root and nutrient interference. Once established, this fern is an excellent source of botanical greens for bouquets each year.

Mature Bladder Ferns reach approximately 1 to 3 ft. in height, and 2 to 3 in width. They work well in rock gardens not only for their thick, lush look but also because of their hardiness and ability to thrive in rocky soil.

They prefer full to part shade, so if you’ve been looking for the perfect plant to dress up darker areas in your garden, the Bladder Fern is perfect. Especially in areas where you may have trees planted since they can be found in dense woods in the wilds. They have a creeping rootstalk and require moist, well-drained soil. Reproduction is by spore, and if you live in a cold country, you can still enjoy this fern since they are resistant to lower temperatures. There are no blooms on the Bladder Fern but according to Slavic folklore, anyone lucky enough to find a “fern flower” is sure to be prosperous and happy for the rest of their lives. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor planting, these thick, beautiful ferns are worth having whether they bloom or not. The lush greenness of this gorgeous Bladder Fern is hard to beat regarding merely looking good.

Bladder Fern


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