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Blazing Star, Liatris Makes An Excellent Ornamental Plant, With Its Tiny Flowers Arranged In Brightly-Colored Clusters

The blazing star, formally known as the Liatris, is a genus of perennial flowering plants in the boneset tribe within the boneset tribe, native to most North America. It commonly appears as an ornamental plant or in a flower bouquet. As perennials, blazing stars survive the winter in the form of corms, and the larvae of some Lepidoptera species like flower moths, rely on them for food. Since the blazing star belongs to the family Asteraceae, known as Compositae, this means that the blazing star appears in a cluster of many tiny flowers that give the illusion of one flower—this makes it a top pick for both gardeners and pollinators.

Versatile, adaptable, and easy to grow, these plants emerge from one to five feet tall from mounds of narrow and grass-like leaves. While they are odorless for the most part, they have notably fuzzy purple and lavender blooms that attract pollinators. Its fluffy, thistle-like flowers form along with the tall spikes and are reminiscent of upright feather boas held on spiky tips.

These blossoms appear in white, rose, or purple and bloom from top to bottom rather than the traditional flowering sequence of most plants. Their foliage comprises narrow and inconspicuous leaves, and they remain green throughout the growing season before they transform into a range of rich, brilliant bronze colors in the autumn.

Blazing Star, Liatris Despite Its Remarkable Appearance, Takes Up Hardiness And Adaptability To Another Level Even Among Flowering Plants

The blazing star's adaptability goes up a notch, as it can even thrive on neglect without asking for anything in return. While gardening shops and nurseries market the blazing star's plant materials as bulbs, they are technically corms, which is a surprise as they first appear as little nuggets of wood stashed in a bag.

But they are not to be underestimated, as these swollen dormant stem fragments shoot up into lively plants, followed by an impressive array of fluffy-looking blooms three months after a spring planting. The largest corms, which are at least three inches in diameter, produce the most remarkable flowers, so start it off by spacing the corms twelve to fifteen inches apart before planting them about two to four inches deep.

While the typical blazing star is ridiculously low-maintenance and hardy, they still require even the barest minimum of their preferences. A site with full sun, any well-draining soil with any level of fertility, thorough watering for the first stage, and any climate that ranges from moderate to extreme are just about the necessities for blazing star corms.

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    I just received my orders from TN nursery and I am ready to have this planted in my pathway. I have this kind two years ago planted in the farm. It has been performing well.

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