Attracting Wildlife To Your Landscape

Attracting Wildlife To Your Landscape

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 25, 2022

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Best Plants To Attract Wildlife

I live on approximately 3 acres of farmland with a pond and some groupings of trees. It is a beautiful place, but when I moved in, there was not much wildlife around. I could not figure out why there was not an abundance of wildlife roaming around my property for the life of me.

After talking with the neighbors, I determined the prior neighbors would shoot guns, which led to most wildlife being scared of the area. So, I developed a plan to get the wildlife back.

First, no more hunting on my land; That will keep it quite like nature used to be before we came across this property. The loud noises were spooking the wildlife away.

Second, since the property had almost no plants on it, I had to determine the best plants to attract wildlife. I came across four plants that are great for attracting wildlife. I listed them below for your reference.

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1. Berry Plants

Whether it is blackberry or blueberry plants, each can provide wildlife with abundant forage, causing them to frequent the property more often, searching for food. Also, berry plants are great for humans and create a great combination to help wildlife and my health at the same time. Moss also works well for bedding.

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2. Elderberry

This common plant grows all over the world and is excellent for attracting wildlife. It is very hardy and can survive a wide range of climates, making it an excellent choice for your property. After planting the elderberry and getting it established, I noticed the wildlife enjoying it.

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3. Cattails

Since I had water on my property, cattails were an obvious choice. Cattails can grow over 10 feet tall and provide a dense cover for many different species. They protect aquatic insects and ducks as well. Also, there is a great place to fish for largemouth bass if you want to catch large bass.

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4. Duck Potatoe

Another great swampy plant, duck potato, is widespread in wetlands. Its' big leaves and large flowers attract many different kinds of aquatic wildlife. You will not be disappointed if you plant this on your property.

Overall, by stopping hunting and adding plants to my property, I was able to bring back much of the wildlife that was native to my land. With these few simple steps, you too can bring back the wildlife to your area as well.