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Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 19, 2022

Decorate Your Garden With Handmade Items

Here are some of the tips that can help you make fantastic decorations and ornaments for your home garden-

Stepping Stones Make your stepping stones in the designs that you love. You can take ideas from numerous landscaping magazines and websites. Your stepping stones can be artistic in the form of flowers or maybe random if you like modern and contemporary themes.

Planters Make great planters using old tubs, washbasins, big boots, bottles, pots, kettles, and other such containers. You can use all these used items from your home to grow plants and seedlings. They are great for recycling and saving money.

Garden Accents Go over the junk and other old things in your store or garage. You will find something or the other to use in your garden. Old cycles, chairs, wooden benches, toys, wheelbarrows, etc., can be used as accents to decorate the garden creatively.

Mosaic Designs Mosaic designs look very elegant and can make your garden stand out. You can create attractive mosaic designs using broken plates and crockery from your kitchen. Colorful dishes are the best to come up with vibrant patterns. You can use mosaic art to decorate garden paths and walls. Many other decorative items can be made using mosaic.

Wind Chimes Wind Chimes are pretty easy to make, and they add whimsical beauty to the landscape. You can make Wind Chimes by hanging old metal spoons, broken necklaces, beads, metal caps, keys, cans, and pens with colorful strings. You can also use seashells and pine cones to make attractive designs.

Plant Markers Make fantastic plant markers for your flower beds using ice cream sticks, spoons, forks, and stones. You can use other creative ideas to make markers that can help you identify your plants. Write or print the names of your seedlings/ plants and place them in your garden beds.

Paper Windmills If you love papercraft, you can make colorful windmills from paper and place them in your garden. They will undoubtedly pop out and add interest to the landscape as and when they will rotate in the wind.

Handmade ornaments and decorations add mesmerizing beauty to the garden. It is one way of giving your garden your personal touch by incorporating your ideas and designs. You can use many other easy DIY ideas to make your garden fascinating.