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Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 19, 2022

Sumac Trees

Sumac trees are an underappreciated variety that has so much to offer any garden or landscape area. The Smooth Sumac or Rhus Glabra is a top choice. This tree will grow best in climate zones five through eleven and will be anywhere from ten to fifteen feet tall and about just as wide. It can increase and can grow as much as three feet in only a year. It will need full sunlight or a partially shaded environment but can soon adapt to a wide range of soil conditions with no problem at all. It is mainly used for ornamental uses and will offer some magnificent foliage that will be beautiful for much of the year. During the fall, the leaf will be the most beautiful with its bright red coloration that will stand out no matter where you plant it. This tree is a perfect choice to make a focal point in your landscape and highlight your other plants and flowers. It will also attract a variety of local wildlife that is always a great thing! Another great selection is the Staghorn Sumac Tree. This tree can grow the best in hardy climate zone three to nine and will be anywhere from two to twenty feet tall. It prefers full sunlight or a partially shaded environment and will appreciate acidic soils and well-drained in their compositions. It will produce unique-looking blooms during the summer months of the year that will appear at the end of the stems that branch out of the tree. The flowers will be a vibrant red color and will produce a sweet fragrance that will bring much wildlife to your garden area. This tree will also produce berries after its blooming period that many birds find to be tasty. With it growing a smaller size, it is good to grow along walkways and driveways and offer interest throughout much of the year. Try planting one of these unique trees in your garden or landscape area and see something different they will bring to the area. They are one of the perfect ornamental trees available.

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