Teaching Your Children To Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 10, 2021

Teaching Your Children To Garden

Gardening can teach many great qualities like patience, care and love in an individual at a very early age. It is the reason more and more people these days involve their kids in gardening.

Gardening with your children also lets you spend some quality time with them amongst nature. With all the latest technology, games, and gadgets, children are becoming increasingly alienated from nature. Gardening can bring them closer to it and help them understand that outdoor activities are also equally important.

You can involve your kids in gardening by teaching them how to plant seeds and tend to seedlings. Explain to them the germination process and show them how the plant grows and what they require to survive. Let them play and spend time in the garden to learn more about different plants and trees. You can involve them in garden art and crafts. Ask them to collect various flowers and leaves for pressing or preserving them. It will help them in identifying different varieties. Make new garden ornaments like wind chimes, plant markers, painted pots, and other decorations.

You can help them to identify unwanted plants and weeds in the flowerbeds. Explain to them why they are harmful to the other plants and teach them how to remove them. Weeding, mulching, watering, and raking leaves are some natural garden activities performed by young children. Begin by giving them small chores and let them develop an interest in gardening. They would certainly love to know about different plants and trees. Being in the garden will also bring them closer to the wildlife and other small native animals like squirrels, exquisite birds, colorful butterflies, insects, etc.

Spending time in the garden doing different activities will make your children happier. Gardening is also known to boost confidence, patience and increase problem-solving skills in children. Growing plants gives them a sense of achievement and makes them physically active. Apart from making them healthy, gardening also makes them more positive towards life. It is essential to teach the young kids about growing plants so that they learn to care about nature in the future and do not hesitate to give back to the environment. Gardening can contribute towards making them better human beings.