Texas Sedge | Information

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 19, 2022

Texas Sedge

Texas Sedge – Carex texensis

Texas sedge is a beautiful turf option for homeowners who want a woodland or meadow-like landscape. It is one of the most common sedges used in Texas but can be planted anywhere as it colonizes thickly by rhizomes. Texas sedges, with their fine-textured foliage, blends in beautifully with other petite, shade-loving plants. Texas sedge is native to many areas in the eastern part of the United States. This lovely plant, often used as a replacement for traditional lawns, is an easy-to-maintain, short, evergreen grass that requires little care. In warmer climates, such as those that do not dip below five degrees Fahrenheit in the coldest months, Texas sedges function as a perennial grass that can grow to reach between 10 inches and 12 inches in height. In climates where winters bring temperatures below five degrees Fahrenheit, Texas sedge should be treated as annuals.

After it is established, this tuft-like grass needs little water. Although sedge never needs mowing, you can cut it to a high setting as well. This ground cover can handle some foot traffic, but heavy, regular-taken paths would benefit from an intentional stepping-stone addition. Homeowners replace their traditional lawn with Texas sedge to ease care, heat resistance, and drought resistance. Like most grasses, it enjoys full to partial sun, growing fastest in those conditions. Texas sedge also does very well in moist, sandy soil conditions. However, this sedge is adaptable and can tolerate different soils and moisture conditions easily. Although Texas sedge is resistant to damage caused by deer, it can serve as a natural habitat for wildlife. It grows well in zones three to nine. Homeowners often plant Texas sedges along with bulb plants to create a lovely, natural-looking landscape. It is also a beautiful shade groundcover for restoration and naturalization efforts.