​The Cardinal Flower

​The Cardinal Flower

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 19, 2022

Cardinal Flower

The Cardinal Flower, otherwise known as Lobelia cardinalis L comes from the Bellflower family of plants.

The flowers are showy red flowers that are a perfect addition to your yard or garden. The flowers have three lower petals and two upper petals which all are united at the base of the flower. The flower also has a leafy stem which is usually in clusters which all together, usually look like a flaming red spire. The lower part of the erect stem has lanced shaped leaves going down it.

These flowers are known to be pretty common but have been scarce in supply due to over picking them in some areas.

You will usually find Hummingbirds feeding on the nectar of the flowers, for pollination, while most insects will find it difficult to navigate around the long tubular flowers.

The common name of the flowers hint at The Roman Catholic Church because of the bright red robes that the cardinals wear, and the color of the flowers are very much the same color as those robes. In Southern Arizona, you will find Sierra Madre Lobelias which have a bright red corolla with yellow lobes or they may tend to appear all yellow.

The characteristics of the flowers are that of a perennial herb that has autumn foliage. They usually have five fused petals together to make up the whole of the flowers.

The flowers are primarily red and bloom from May to October.

The flower is most commonly found in America as well as Canada. Also, you will mainly find these plants naturally around ditches, ravines, depressions, woodlands edge, opening, stream banks, roadsides, prairies, plains, meadows, pastures, savannahs, near lakes or ponds as well as swamp areas.

These plants will grow with a reasonable amount of moisture as well as full of partly sunny conditions.