Wildlife Plants For Gardening

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 19, 2022

  • Bringing in the local wildlife is a pastime of some gardeners and landscapers. When you look in your garden and see the rabbits, squirrels, birds, or deer, it is hard not to overcome the feeling of awe. Here are some great plants that will bring in these creatures for you to enjoy watching! The Star Grass Plant is a great choice. It grows best in climate zones three through nine and will be up to one foot tall. It can even grow in partial shade if you need it or have an area that gets a little sun. It will have star-shaped flowers that appear during the spring and summer months that will be yellow and are truly beautiful. It will bring deer and squirrels to your garden area. You can use them to border existing garden areas for maximum attraction.
  • The Bloodroot is another excellent choice for color and to bring in the critters. It can tolerate zones two to nine, be up to one foot tall, and need well-drained soil conditions. This flower will also appreciate a complete sunlight environment and bring birds, butterflies, deer, and rabbits to your garden area. They will bloom lovely yellow blooms during the spring months and are perfect for bordering or planting mass for a more dramatic color.
  •  Bluestem Grasses is also an excellent choice. It will bring rabbits and squirrels to your landscape and is best suited for climate zones five through nine. It will be about six feet tall and about three feet wide. This grass can adapt to some soil conditions with ease and will need a complete sunlight environment. It will also bring birds to the area and is quite lovely even though it does not produce flowers. They are perfect for planting in lakes or ponds or using them to border existing garden areas. Try one of these wildlife plants or one of the many others offered and see how many critters it will bring to your garden area. English Ivy is also loved by small wildlife to hide in.