Wisteria is Fragrant

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 10, 2021

The Advantages of Planting Wisteria.

If the cottage garden you own has a pergola or fence needing some spring blooms and fragrance, you may wish to think about the addition of Wisteria.

It's a native plant from Asia introduced into the US in the 1800s and thrives throughout most of the South. It will produce gorgeous lavender blossoms every spring and fills your yard with a very distinct and pleasant fragrance for many weeks.

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It's perfect for covering a massive expanse of fencing or the blank wall and, due to its massive leaf growth, includes an ideal shade source for a pergola or arbor. Best known for rapid growth, most plant species may be invasive if not pruned consistently.

Additionally, be cautious of letting vining Wisterias grow upon garages or houses as it has been well-known for severely damaging downspouts and gutters. Plus, if vining and branching climb underneath shingles or siding of a building, they easily can pull them right off.

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Caring for Wisterias

As the plant is dormant, utilize pruning snips and snip back all of the overgrowths in the wintertime. The above-ground shoot climbs shocking distances from the parent plant within a brief period. Plants may grow more than ten feet in a year; therefore, be aggressive when pruning. They additionally increase by their root system. They may spread underground more than fifty feet from a parent plant. Utilizing a spade cut out a circle deep inside the ground around ten feet from its plant trunk. It'll help in severing all underground shoots. You may mow closely around it to control stalks that remain on the surface of the lawn and search for new homes. It is recommended to trim at least once a month to maintain a specific size or shape.

After the lavender blossoms are spent, one cluster of pea-like pods will form. They'll dry up and sprout open with a lot of force, shooting their four to five seeds in each pod more than twenty feet from its parent bush. Trimming after blooming may cut back the number of seed pods produced. Clean up beneath the Wisteria, raking pods or seeds out, removing them from the area.

If correctly cared for and pruned to prevent its rapid spreading, the advantages of Wisteria's beautiful fragrance and gorgeous blooms make it an excellent addition to your cottage garden or yard.