Yellow Pine Trees | TN

Yellow Pine Trees | TN

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 06, 2020

Yellow Pine - Pinus ponderosa

The Yellow Pine (Pinus ponderosa) is also known as the ponderosa pine, bull pine, and western yellow pine. The Yellow Pine is native to the western United States and Canada; The ponderosa pine is the most widely distributed northern united states. The first documented yellow pine was in Spokane, Washington, in 1826. The Yellow Pine is the official city tree of Spokane, and it is also the state tree of Montana. The yellow pine is a large evergreen tree. It is distinguished from other species because of its bark. When mature, the bark of yellow pines can range from yellow to orange-red color.

Bark on mature Yellow Pines can reach up to centimeters in thickness. The thick bark of yellow pines protects them from forest fires. The bark has broad plates with crevices. Younger yellow pines are referred to as blackjacks by loggers because of their dark blackish-brown bark; The yellow pine can grow up to 235 feet in height and 324 inches in circumference. Yellow pines are commonly planted in extensive gardens and parks. The appearance of a yellow pine boasts a straight trunk and a large crown. Branches of the trees produce needles (leaves) that are twelve to twenty-eight centimeters in length. The needles have sharply toothed edges and are slender and pointy.

Yellow pine trees produce seed cones. The cones are seven to fourteen centimeters in length. The seeds from the cone typically have a 2.5-centimeter wing. Scales on the seed cone grow thicker towards its tip. Ponderosa pines can be found in a variety of soil conditions. They can grow in well-drained or arid soil or relatively deep and moist soil conditions. In higher growing elevations, the yellow pine is usually found growing alongside douglas fir trees. The wood from yellow pines is mainly harvested for furniture and door.