Building Your Garden With Perennial Plants

Building Your Garden With Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are the backbone of every garden. They return with some care each year, providing foliage and blooms for a homeowner's pleasure throughout the growing season. Most perennials do not bloom as long as annual plants. But, unlike annuals, when you buy perennials, they don't need to be replanted each year, saving you valuable time and money.

Perennial Plants Are Hardy Plants

Consider your hardiness zone when planning your purchases to enhance your lawn or garden. You want to choose plants that will increase in your geographic zone. With just a little research online, choosing hardy, colorful plants to create your beautiful oasis is fun. Many have benefits, such as attracting birds and butterflies to your home.

Virginia bluebells are some of the prettiest perennial plants to add to your garden. These are sometimes called Virginia cowslips. Native to North America, they can be seen growing wild in many areas but have been naturalized quite well for garden use. They bloom early to mid-spring and continue blooming throughout the mid-summer months. Virginia bluebells offer pretty light blue to purple blooms and are easy to care for.

Perennial Plants Are Popular

Daylilies have been popular for generations. They grace a garden for many years with little to no care. They adapt well to almost any growing conditions and fare well in a wide variety of soil types and different lighting locations. They grow very fast and vigorously. Daylilies are excellent choices as border plants and for use as a ground cover in a sloping area. They are also available in a large selection of long-lasting bloom colors, making them even more versatile in the garden.

Trilliums are another attractive choice to make when you buy perennials. Trilliums are among the first plants to grace your garden with blooms in the spring. Their blooms can be a crisp white, a shade of yellow, or even a deep maroon tone. Depending on your variety, they can also be very low to the ground or as tall as eighteen inches. Trilliums are best planted in a shaded area of your yard and look great amongst the trees in a wooded area.

Virginia bluebells, daylilies, and trilliums are just three of the great perennial plants you might choose for your garden. Easy to plant, grow and care for, these perennials will give you and your family many years of pleasure. While annuals are great for pops of showy color during a growing season, the ease of growing perennials makes their beauty the mainstay of your garden, with no need to take the time and energy to replant them each year.

Perennial Plants Come Back Every Year To Brighten Up Your Yard With Beautiful Flowers


Yellow Trillium

The Yellow Trillium, also known as Trillium luteum or yellow wakerobin, is a type of flowering plant that falls within the scientific family category referred to as Melanthiaceae. The flowers grow exceptionally well in the hardy plant zone 4-7, zones present in places like North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. The flower is also known to grow in remote locations within northern Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada. The flower usually has dark green leaves and bright yellow flowers with three to four petals. It typically reaches a height of 16 inches or 40 centimeters at full maturity and can be as wide as 14 inches or 30 centimeters. The flower is known as a herbaceous perennial, flowering only in the early to the mid-spring season. Yellow Trillium's Growing Requirements The plant grows best in moist dense soil with good drainage. In its natural environment, it will usually be located developing at the base of deciduous trees, where it can enjoy the heavy shade. The flower grows quickly, taking only 4-6 months to reach its full height and width if the growing conditions are right. The Perennial's Landscaping Uses The beautiful yellow flower is often used as a decorative plant in yards and gardens across large swathes of northern and central United States. It is an ideal garden flower because it can thrive in heavy shade and is very low maintenance. As long as the flower has fertilized soil and adequate water it will do really well. Shop At Garden Plant Nursery Yellow trillium puts off a delightful aroma, another reason it is a favorite of many home gardeners. Its fragrance occurs around full maturity right towards the end of spring, where the flower can be harvested and used in a homemade flower bouquet or floral arrangement. What is very distinct about its fragrance is that it smells like lemon scented flowers, an attribute that won it the Award of Garden Merit, a prestigious accolade given out by the Royal Horticultural Society in London, United Kingdom.

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