Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees

Flowering trees can dramatically affect your garden and be a lovely focal point when in bloom. When picking a flowering tree, consider the colors already in your yard. That way, they do not clash. There are so many different flowering trees to pick from that attention to detail is essential to get the best out of your decision. Following are a few flowering trees and what makes them a good choice for your landscaping project.

Flowering Trees the Crepe Myrtle

The crepe myrtle trees are known for their long-lasting and very colorful flowers! The tree trunk and branches of the crepe myrtle trees are mottled because the bark sheds year-round. Flowers on the crepe myrtle trees bloom in summer, and the colors vary from deep purple to red and white. These trees can reach from one foot up to 100 feet tall. They attract a variety of butterflies as well as birds. Their long bloom season is one reason for their attraction. In certain climates, they will bloom for nearly six months. The only natural enemies of these trees are aphids and humidity.

The empress paulownia is a deciduous tree that has heart-shaped leaves. The empress paulownia blooms are purple and produced in early spring. This tree can survive wildfires because of its root system. They regenerate very quickly. The empress paulownia is a beautiful addition to any garden. The trees do not cause soil erosion. They grow up to 30 ft in 2 years! It is an excellent shade tree even in the first growing season. Very tolerable plant for weather extremes! When in bloom, the smell from the tree is beautiful to have near your home or clip some flowers and take them into your home!

Flowering Trees the Kwanzan Cherry


The kwanzan cherry tree, another name known as the Japanese Cherry tree, is a nice contrast if you have a lot of dark background. It is a very light tree, and its smells are delightful when in bloom! The kwanzan cherry tree reaches a height of 26 to 39 feet tall. Easily moved if you change your mind about where you planted initially, it requires a site with full sun, loose, well-drained soil, with plenty of moisture to keep the roots moist.

With all of the trees mentioned above, you must take care of them. They require sun and water and knowing exactly how much of each is a great way to ensure a long life with your tree.

Flowering Trees Can Make Increase Your Home Value

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