The Beauty Of Buckthorn

The Beauty Of Buckthorn

All About Buckthorn


Buckthorn: Buckthorn is a type of shrub or small tree with approximately 100 different species, deciduous and evergreen. They have up to 15m long leaves and are native to the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Buckthorn gets its name from the wooden spine that appears on the end of each branch, which resembles an antler. Buckthorn works well in a rustic-style garden in areas with medium moisture.

The bark of the plant is black-brown. The texture is smooth, and the main stem stands tall. Leaves grow in smaller bunches, and the flowers are small greenish-yellow, approximately 1/5 of an inch in diameter. Buckthorn produces tiny, dark-brown, hard seeds.

Unique Uses Of Buckthorn


In some parts of the world, the seeds, or berries, of the Buckthorn are used medicinally. Goats, horses, and sheep will eat this shrub; however, cows will avoid it. Another use of berries is the creation of deep, rich dyes for multiple purposes.

Zones: 2-7

Mature Height: 7-8 feet, up to 10-12 feet

Mature Width:3-5 feet

Growth per year: Up to 2-3 feet.

Sunlight: Partial to full sun

Soil Conditions: medium moisture, with dry conditions acceptable after the plant has been established.

Botanical Name: Rhamnus

Buckthorn Can Withstand Drouts And Does Well In Shade

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