Add a Splash of Orange to Your Garden with Orange Daylilies: A Versatile and Hardy Perennial

Add a Splash of Orange to Your Garden with Orange Daylilies: A Versatile and Hardy Perennial

Orange Daylily Plant Description

Product Name: Orange Daylily

Latin Name: Hemerocallis fulva

Bloom Season: From July to August

Planting Zones: Hardiness Zone 3 - Hardiness Zone 9


With flowers that emerge as vibrant orange sunbursts, these daylilies energize any landscape. Whether planted singly, in small groups, or throughout a field, orange daylilies offer a hint of enchantment. When planted along alleys and paths, orange daylilies are pleasing perennial companions for most of the summer. Their dazzling color will even attract fluttering butterflies to your landscape.

Standing between 24-30 inches, orange daylilies are versatile plants that can fill many roles in your garden. Use it as a backdrop for shorter flowers or groundcover plants. Orange might seem bold, but it can be successfully integrated into various color schemes. A palette inspired by sunsets can be achieved via Orange Daylilies and red, yellow, and purple flowers. Alternatively, orange daylilies and white flowers work together for a crisp and inviting effect. When not in bloom, slender leaves provide a wealth of visual interest.

Orange daylilies happily thrive in various soil types and growing conditions. These hardy flowers bloom in clay soil and drought conditions. They even offer resistance to rabbits. When planted on slopes, orange daylilies can even prevent erosion. Best of all, orange daylilies require minimal maintenance after they have been planted.

As Perennials, any orange daylilies you plant this season will return year after year. Buy at low prices to enjoy an investment that can last decades. Because of their rugged resilience and low-maintenance nature, orange daylilies also make great gifts for anyone who loves flowers.

Every garden is unique, but orange daylilies can find a place in many. Whether planted as a specimen or in a group, daring orange makes a great design statement. With fast shipping, you will not need to wait long to begin basking in beautiful orange blooms. As a flower that ships nationwide, an orange daylily will flourish nearly anywhere it is planted with little assistance.