Christmas Ferns | TN

Christmas Ferns | TN

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Christmas Fern

Polystichum acrostichoid, commonly referred to as the Christmas fern, is one of the most common evergreen plants. It is said to resemble the Boston fern. It can also go by Canker Brake and Dagger fern. From Minnesota down to Texas east to North Carolina and all up to the east coast. Christmas ferns are one of the most popular ferns in North America because they can grow almost anywhere. For example, Minnesota can get very cold in the winter. However, Texas and Florida tend to be on the warmer side. Christmas ferns can also be found in Ontario, Canada. They can grow anywhere from one foot to two feet tall. They even can get one to two feet wide. It is best if they are planted eighteen inches apart to make sure they have enough room to grow. Christmas ferns need part shade to full shade to grow. They require little water to grow and should be watered once a week. Because of the small sun and rain, these plants are low maintenance. They are also tolerant of drought and have helped with erosion problems. Christmas ferns are excellent plants to grow indoors because of the little sun they need and do not get massive. They are often used as ornamental plants because they are suitable for beginners and grow in almost any soil. They grow in soil not too acidic, preferably neutral. Therefore, you can use them to spruce up any landscaping indoors or outdoors. The Christmas fern received its name because they stay green through the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It also says that the leaves look like a Christmas stocking when they are folded up. They do not produce any types of flowers and are reproduced by spores. The fronds of the Christmas fern are a very dark green color. They make perfect cut flowers throughout the whole year.

Christmas ferns are resistant to deer and rabbits because their chemical composition is not delicious. Some birds will use the ferns as nests. Lots of animals use the Christmas fern as shelter and protection, especially when it is cold outside. Mealybugs are also known to feed on the Christmas ferns. However, it grew indoors and was cleaned correctly. Then no pests should bother the fern. To grow correctly indoors, these ferns need humidity. One way to make sure the plants get this humidity is to spray warm water in the plants. If they grow indoors, they will need to be watered daily so they do not dry out.