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Fern plants have been underrated for far too long. They are incredibly efficient in many beautiful ways; They are beautiful. Though most of the world's patrons may not be aware, Ferns can also be quite colorful. Their many professional qualities make Fern plants a necessary addition to any interior design.

These elegant Ferns are ideal for indoor air purification, along with the ability to add texture to a setting. The plant's fronds are flowing and droopy, providing a wispy type of environment in any given area of a home. Take a closer look at the world of Fern plants. Here is a quick overview of a few of the most popular Ferns that will boost the design of any room.

Autumn Fern

The Autumn Fern is a fine specimen for adding an element of color to space. For most months during the year, this plant is cleverly disguised as an elegant, green hanging plant. During the fall each year, this Fern plant will begin changing colors. It will exude shades of orange and yellow along with its vibrant shades of green.

The Autumn Fern is quite versatile when it comes to ideal growing conditions. It is hardy and resilient. This plant is best suited for planting in growing zones five through eleven if planted outside, but growing conditions can be readily manufactured in an indoor environment.

Boston Fern

NASA ranks the Boston Fern as the number one best indoor air purifier among plants. Years ago, their engineers conducted tests to determine which plants would most efficiently clean the toxins from the air for the astronauts living on the space station. The Boston Fern shone brightly. It was proven to cleanse up to ninety percent of harmful toxins from the surrounding air.

Japanese Painted Fern

For a touch of silver and lavender, hang a Japanese Painted Fern in the corner of the given space. These plants are gorgeous and very easily maintained once they are established. Tie them in with some lovely sheer curtains, or work them into the décor of a well-lit sunroom, and the Painted Fern will find it forever home.

Ostrich Fern

The  Ostrich Fern adds a significant fanning element to the room. Their fronds unfurl into a glorious and vibrant spectacle of the color green. Also known as the Shuttlecock Fern, this plant enjoys being in the shade. That makes it ideal for indoor design. Make sure to keep the plant's base moist and well-drained. Standing water can cause root rot in plants.

Shield Fern

This low-maintenance plant is native to the southeastern region of the United States. It too enjoys the shadier areas of the landscape. The Shield Fern will die out during the winter months if it is grown outdoors, but increasing it indoors will allow for climate control. It is imperative to note that this particular Fern plant produces toxic fronds to animals and small children.