Flowering Shrubs: for Landscaping

Flowering Shrubs: for Landscaping

Wholesale Nurseries flowering shrubs

1. Red Weigela

2. Forsythia

3. Pink Weigela

4. Viburnums

5. Hydrangeas

Shrubs are great ways to accent your landscape, and it is even better when they are also flowering. It will add color, depth, and texture to your garden area. Here are some fantastic flowering shrubs to try out in your landscape area.

The Arrowood Viburnum is an excellent choice. It can grow the best in USDA zone three through eight and will be anywhere from six to fifteen feet tall and about fifteen feet wide, depending on conditions. A great thing about this shrub is that it can grow in various soil conditions and can grow in full sunlight or partially shaded areas with no problem at all. It is an excellent shrub to use as a focal point in your garden or as a border around your landscape. 

Another top consideration is the Flame Azalea. This shrub grows best in climate zones two through ten and will be anywhere from four to nine feet tall and anywhere from six to twelve feet wide. It can grow in a variety of soil conditions with no issue. They will have beautiful and vibrant blooms that appear during the spring and summer months of the year. When the flowers bloom, they will look almost like flames coming up off of the bush. They make high bordering plants, or you can use them for decorative accents that are quite lovely. 

Another top consideration is the Golden Bell Forsythia. It will grow best in climate zones four through eight and will be anywhere from eight to ten feet tall. It will grow as much as two feet in a single year, making it a fast-growing choice. It will bloom vibrant yellow flowers in the spring months of the year and will be exceptionally visually striking. It will add beauty and glory to any landscape and will make an excellent focal point. Friends, family, and other visitors will not be able to resist looking at the beautiful blooms and intricate branches. Try a flowering shrub in your yard this season!