Forsythia Shrubs |

Forsythia Shrubs |

Yellow flowered Forsythias

Forsythia shrubs, having yellow flowers is like having the rays of the sun in your garden, making you feel warm and fuzzy inside and instantly puts a smile on your face. And although there are several yellow flowers to choose from, buying Forsythias will make that smile even wider with all of the possibilities you can incorporate into your yard. English Ivy plants do wonders for also preventing weeds from growing under those small shrubs like these.

One of the great things about Forsythias is that they grow in various zones (separated areas of the United States based on their temperature, starting below the Canadian border). They can be planted in various light conditions depending on Forsythia and for several kinds of soil. Forsythias are also fast-growing plants, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy these gorgeous plants. Two varieties of Forsythias that will accent any landscape are the golden bell and the Karl sax. Privet hedges work well in a garden to accept forsythia shrubs too.

Golden bell forsythias grow best in zones 4 - 9 in moist, acidic soil. They can grow in either partial shade or full sun and can grow between 8 and 11 feet. One of the fantastic things about these forsythias is that the width can be between 5 inches to 12 feet, making them very versatile. They can stand alone in a group or create a beautiful living fence that will be the envy of the neighborhood. As the name suggests, golden bell forsythias produce a magnificent yellow flower that blooms in April that can be cut and put into a vase. If given as a gift, let your friends know that the stems of flowers will form roots that can be planted into a pot or in the yard making the gift that keeps on giving. And for those of you that live in the south, where drought could be a problem, these drought-resistant plants will thrive and increase around the yard.

Don’t think that you will have to wait until spring to enjoy your yellow forsythias because summer has ended. Karl sax forsythias bloom during late winter and early spring, allowing you to enjoy forsythias all year round. Named after botanist and geneticist Professor Karl Sax, these beautiful forsythias grow in zones 3 - 9 in either moist acidic or alkaline soil. The flowers are a combination of deep yellows and gold with round brown fruit. Karl Saxes can grow in either full sun or partial shade and can rise between 8 to 10 feet in height with a width between 5 to 12 feet. One of the perks of buying Karl Saxes is resistance to several pests and diseases and drought. Your Karl Saxes can be used as borders, grown on walls, made to be a living fence, or just placed in a beautiful spot.

Yellow can be your new favorite flower color with the purchase of forsythias, giving you year-round pleasure as well as a yard that your neighbors wish they could have.