Groundcovers Help Erosion

Groundcovers Help Erosion

Wholesale Nurseries best selling ground covers

1. Periwinkle vine

2. Partridgeberry

3. phlox

4. geraniums

5. Blue lobelia

Ground Cover Advantages in Landscaping

Your first inclination with ground cover might be to choose a plant based solely on its visual appeal, and that is one of the advantages of this type of vegetation. There are, however, many other considerations. For instance, you may want a kind of groundcover that’s drought resistant, controls weeds, prevents the soil from eroding, or keeps the dirt moist. In keeping with the visual appeal concept, you should also have a color palette in mind and a general plan of the surrounding layout.

Drought Resistant

Purple Ice Plant -- Delosperma cooperi

One of about 1800 species of ice plant, the purple blooms present in the summer are particularly striking. This drought-resistant plant adds visual appeal to areas that are difficult to dress. These succulents only reach a height of about 3 inches, but their blooms form a vibrant 2-inch diameter. They spread to as much as a foot and a half, enjoy full sun and well-drained soil. The ice plant is also deer resistant. They offer landscape interest of rich green all year in zones 5 through 9.

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Weed Control

Walker's Low Catmint -- Nepeta x faassenii

This fast-growing perennial reaches a height of two to two and a half feet and a two to 3-foot spread. Walker offers a fresh scent while controlling weeds. When in bloom during the summer, you’ll enjoy a lavender blue addition to your landscape, but its grayish-green leaves continue with visual interest throughout the season. It’s lovely incorporated with rock gardens and herbs, or you can place it throughout your garden at points you want to prevent weeds but enjoy the uniqueness of Walker’s Low Catmint.

Soil Erosion and Moist Soil

Periwinkle–  Vinca minor

The versatile  Periwinkle adds perennial interest to many unexpected areas of your landscape. It’s an easy-care plant that reaches a height of between 6 inches and 3 feet. The bluish-green leaves assist with water retention, and their blooms may be blue, lavender, or white, but they create a delicate appearance from mid-April through mid-May. It’s fast-growing, can achieve indefinite width without becoming invasive, and is easily transplanted. They are deer resistant and assist with containing soil erosion.

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