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Iris Flowers | TN Wholesale Co

Iris plants are some of the most beautiful flowers available for floral arrangements and the garden. Everyone recognizes the dramatic blossom shape, but the variations – from bearded to flag – and color options may surprise and delight. Whether you want a delicate and romantic bridal bouquet or an attention-grabbing table arrangement, the nearly 300 different species and varieties of Iris flowers can deliver.

In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess who carried messages for the gods and is the rainbow word. The flower named after her comes in all colors, from the grave and dramatic purple to pretty peach and pink, from russet oranges to the purest white. There are even fundamental black varieties, something very unusual in the plant kingdom. Iris flowers are now used to convey messages to friends and loved ones and symbolize eloquence above all.

Each color has a symbolic meaning behind it as well as merely being lovely. The deep purple of flag Iris, with its smaller blooms and spiky leaves, means you wish to give a compliment to someone else. It can also stand for wisdom, especially when it comes to speech or emotions. White irises mean purity, while yellow ones speak to a growing passion.

The colors, either soft or bold, are saturated and beautiful. The contrasting inner petals, stripes on the more substantial petals, stigma flaps, and beards may be bright orange, yellow or white. Many of the petals are also ombre toned or blended, and some even have stripes and patterns. They combine with the lush color of the petals to make these beautiful flowers even more glorious.

In floral arrangements, Iris blossoms are usually the main attraction. A bouquet of multicolored Iris makes a beautiful decoration for the home in summer. You can add a touch of romance to the inclusion of white or pink roses, or for sheer drama, red ones. They are often paired with smaller white flowers like baby’s breath, tulips, hydrangea, and even sunflowers.

No matter what type of Blue Flag Iris you choose and which flowers you combine it with, it will convey meaning and beauty to all who see it.

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