Moss Benefits in Landscaping

Moss Benefits in Landscaping

Do you have an area within your property that is always damp? This moist area might have more water than you'd like. Wouldn't it be great if you could naturally remove some of the water from the soil in order to help prevent drowning out other plants in the same area? With moss, all of that is possible. When it comes to moist areas on your property, moss is a fantastic option. In fact, here are some of the major benefits of moss for moist areas around your property.

Moss Absorbs Moisture Well

Moss thrives in areas that are moist and not in direct sunlight. It's best to think of moss-like nature's sponge. It is able to absorb an impressive amount of water. In fact, moss is able to pull in 10 times its own weight in water. This way, if you want other plants to thrive in a typically saturated area on your property, the inclusion of moss will help remove some of the water, so the root systems of your other plants are not over-exposed to the water.

Mosses Requires Little to No Maintenance

You can spend an entire day tending even a small garden. Moss lets you take a bit of a break. Moss needs next to no maintenance to grow and thrive. As long as it is out of direct sunlight and the ground remains damp, it will grow. And even if it doesn't rain for some time, the moss will remain vibrant. Because it's a smaller plant, it doesn't need much water to live off of, and it can use the moisture it has absorbed for extended periods of time. In some ways, it's like a landscaping camel. It will pull in moisture when it's there, then live off of what it absorbed when it doesn't rain.

Moss Removes Chemicals from The Soil

It is a good idea to perform a nutrient test on your land's soil. Depending on where you live, there is a chance you might find trace chemicals in the soil. This is even more likely if you live near older factories or abandoned production plants. It can often take years, if not decades, to fully rid the soil of chemicals absorbed into the ground. Moss can help with this. Mosses will help pull the chemicals out of the soil and prevent other plants from taking the chemicals in (which is especially important if you're thinking about growing a garden on your property). Plus, because moss grows so easily in moist areas, you can replace the moss that has absorbed some of the chemicals in the soil with new moss. This is why moss is often used to help purify the soil.

Moss Gardens May Be The Answer

These are just some of the many advantages moss presents to you within moist areas of any property. If you're looking for an easy, natural fix for landscaping areas that are constantly moist (such as the bottom of a hill in the shade), you absolutely need to consider adding moss to your property. 

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