Perfect Summer Flowers To Plant

Perfect Summer Flowers To Plant

Perfect Summer Flowers

Picking flowers that will give you color all summer long is not as hard as you think. Summer is that time of year when we have lots of backyard gatherings and barbecues and having a colorful and inviting area is always a plus. Here are some great choices for adding that summer color you want to your garden area. 

The Perennial Hibiscus is a beautiful wildflower that will bloom in reds, pinks, and whites. They can grow anywhere from two to eight feet high and grow best in climate zones five through ten. They need lots of sunlight and water to grow and develop and can bloom from spring into fall. 

Petunias are also an excellent choice. It is perfect because it can grow in all climate zones and is very hardy and versatile. It loves full sunlight environments and needs regular watering. It is also available in a variety of different colors suitable for any garden area. 

Zinnias are also a popular choice. It is ideal for any climate zone and will bloom from spring into the fall months of the year, giving you an extended-lasting color option. The flowers are similar looking to daisies, and they will look lovely in any area of your garden. 

Sea Holly is also an excellent choice for those wanting something different in their garden area. It needs full sunlight to grow and develop as it should. It looks similar to thistle and is a greenish silver color. 

Daylilies are also excellent for spring and summer coloration. They need little attention for you and will produce blooms day after day through the summer months. They have beautiful yellow flowers and are also sweet-smelling and make excellent fresh-cut arrangements for your home as well. 

Brown Eyed Susan is another excellent selection. It has yellow and orange blooms with a brown center and stands out in any garden area. They grow well in almost any climate zone. Try one of these great summer flowering plants for excellent color!