Planting Roses | TN

Planting Roses | TN

Planting Roses

Here are some steps to planting roses:

The first step to planting a rose bush is to decide what color and roses you want. Some types are Climbers, Grandiflora, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Miniature, and Tree roses.

The second step is to figure out if you want to plant a bare root or a container rose. A Container Rose has flowers on them already and looks great in your flower garden because of the flowers already on it. A Barefoot does not have flowers on it at all yet. If the bare roots grow right, they will grow a lot faster than a container rose.

The third step is to choose where you would like to plant it. It would help if you were careful where you plant your rose plants. The soil needs right, and that it is getting enough sun or too much sun or killing the plant. The ground needs to be well-drained before a hole is dug. Then your hole and put water in it to see how quickly it flows. Most rose plants don't need but about 5 to 6 hours of sunlight.

Step four is to make sure you have everything before planting. You need items such as fertilizer, mulch, pruning shears, gloves for gardening, compost if you like to use that, compost is excellent to use when planting if you have it, a spade or shovel, and some water.

Steps for bare root roses go as followed.

1: try to plant your roses between 6 weeks before your regions last frost and two weeks after

2: you need to dig a hole that is a bit bigger than the plant itself

3: if you use compost to make sure you mix it with your soil

4: you will make a soil mound after you do step 3, and when you do that at this level, you need to put the bare root right on that soil mound

5: you need to take the rest of your soil mix and put it around your plant

6: after you do all your covering, make sure you fill the hole up with water. It needs to be done at an angle about 1/4 above facing the outside buds

7: make another soil mound over the plant because this protects your canes on the rose plant from drying out. After buds begin to show, you can remove the pile 8: quickly stomp on the mound a little this helps your plant keep in the water and from falling over or messing up with your first big wind

Steps for your container roses goes as followed also:

1: plant in the late spring, early summer

2: lower the level of moisture. Since they are kept in the container for a bit, you need to wait till the humidity goes down a little, which will make it easier to plant. If they are too moist, your roots won't grow much, and you will lose some of your roses when you transfer them out of the container

3: dig your hole once again that is a little larger than the roots and soil of the rose

4: remove your container. That is done by first remove the bottom and then remove the sides when you set your bowl in the hole to remove on all sides, like peeling a banana or orange

5: make sure to loosen the soil around the root ball. It helps expose the root some and make it easier to build

6: place your plant in the center of your hole and use plain potting soil when you are done to fill the hole

7: make sure to work your soil mixture around the roots, which will take care of any air pockets

8: again, water your plant, make to wait for the water to drain

Steps to caring for your rose plants

1: you need to water them for the first 3 to 4 weeks after planting

2: keep soaking your flower bed but do not overdo it. You don't want to drown your roses

3: fertilize three months after planting

4: keep your roses cut down by pruning them

5: you can always which is a great idea to do during the cold weather keep your plant covered

Go through these steps and get beautiful roses