Trees Add Value To Your Home

Trees Add Value To Your Home

It might sound dull and even a bit unbelievable, but trees can add value to your home. They are pretty and practical but planting them is an intelligent way to increase the worth of your property by up to 10%. So if your home were valued at $300,000, a few planted beauties could add $30,000 to the bottom line, according to the United States Forestry Service.

Planting dogwoods, oaks, weeping willows, birches, or any other kind by your home makes sense as long as they are well-kept and manicured. Adding a thick layer of mulch alone can speak volumes. It not only adds richness but keeps trees and plants healthy, conserves moisture, and cuts down on the upkeep. Buying a 'green companion' is an investment of sorts. It is not a casual purchase. It will be standing tall on your property for years to come.

Boosting curb appeal is easy when it comes to beautiful landscaping. Allowing a little bit of nature to frame the home you live in can turn an okay-looking residence into an OMG! Piece of property. You don't have to hire a professional firm to improve the exterior of your property, although a personal Gardner would be lovely. Just a few elegant choices can make your home look extra-inviting. A do-it-yourself project is within anyone's reach and budget.

Shrubs are another form of colorful aesthetic appeal for your home that fills in the spaces nicely, showing off the architectural elements of your residential structure. Of course, size matters when it comes to perfect landscaping. There needs to be balanced. Over-sized or over-cluttered greenery will only dwarf a smaller home or take away from a property's features. Too sparsely spaced plants will appear as though something is missing or unfinished on the property. Two of the most common and gorgeous flowering shrubs include the Azalea and Hydrangea. You can learn what grows best in your yard by researching the soil, sun, and shade conditions.

Collect photographs from a favorite magazine that show off a gorgeous property exterior. Or snap pics of homes whose greenery and colorful plants you admire or those which immediately attract your eye. You can always copy an idea and design it to scale for your residence. You don't have to be a celebrity with a huge mansion to create a stunning property. Any house, urban or countryside, large or tiny, can accommodate plants of many species and still let your yard look unique and pretty.