Trump's Survey  |

Trump's Survey |

Trump's Survey Asking Americans That Supported Him What He Should Prioritize

Post-Congressional Address, Trump Addresses America with New Survey

In the hours following the congressional address, which Donald Trump delivered to House of Representatives and Senate members last night, Trump and his team released a new survey on asking Americans for their opinions on some key issues.

The survey is divided into two main sections, which you will discuss below:

Section 1: What has the Trump Administration Done Well?


The first question on the survey asks, "Which accomplishment(s) do you consider the most significant of the Trump Administration so far?" Survey respondents are advised to select all of the options they feel are valid, with some of the options including:

Nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch

Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Negotiating with companies to bring jobs back to America

Bringing back the Keystone XL Pipeline

Other Issues, etc.

All of the options an individual can select are based on specific visible and reviewable actions that Donald Trump and his cabinet have made since he was elected President on January 20th of this year.

Section 2: What Actions to Take Next?

The other section deals with more general topics that survey respondents feel should be dealt with next. The question posed is: "What issue(s) do you think is most important for this administration to focus on?" Once more, respondents are allowed to choose as many of the options as they feel apply, which include things like:




Obamacare Repeal


Many others

After that, a respondent can enter any additional comments and suggestions that they have to "Make America Great Again," and a respondent is required to register in their name, state, zip code, and email address to submit the survey.

Of course, entering in one's email serves as a subscription to future White House messages and alerts, so this survey serves as a critical subscription channel for the White House.

How it Will Be Received

From a neutral standpoint, it is clear that this survey with be received with both abuse and disgust and genuine respect and adoration.

After last night's speech, 3 out of 4 Americans said they now think more highly of Donald Trump, according to a CNN poll that came out after Donald Trump's Congressional address. However, half of the room (i.e., the Democrats) sat in disregard for Trump's comments for much of the night, signaling that their voting base still does not approve of his actions.

As a result, the Left may feel that this survey, a relatively simple apparatus, is merely another jab at their pride. In contrast, the Right may feel encouraged by what the study represents as victories that the Trump Administration has achieved.

Either way, it is up to the respondents to determine what they have liked or disliked about President Trump's actions. It is not required for any respondent to comment on the first two questions (indicating a positive reception of Trump's efforts), so those who lean Left can write what they would like in the comments section without inadvertently expressing approval of Trump due to a biased survey.