Using Native Plants In Landscaping

Using Native Plants In Landscaping

The importance of maintaining a healthy and robust foundation of native plants, native shrubs, and native trees cannot be understated. They evolved right here in Tennessee and supported our delicate ecosystem. Without native plants, shrubs, and trees, our vital wildlife and insect populations could suffer. As an example, native oak trees provide support for more than 500 species of caterpillars alone. By contrast, some imported tree species support only a handful.

These facts highlight the importance of planting native trees, shrubs, and other plant life whenever possible. As a TN nursery committed to landscape beautification in an environmentally responsible fashion, our staff would like to share the benefits and outstanding hardiness that native species deliver.

Why Are Native Plants, Trees & Shrubs Hardy & Beneficial?

Our landscaping choices have a significant impact on the natural world around us. This holds particularly true given the way suburban sprawl continues to change the TN landscape. As homeowners, landscape professionals, and TN nursery professionals, we can make informed decisions about native plant inclusiveness. We will all derive substantial benefits by integrating native plants into our landscaping designs, reforestation practices, and restoration efforts. These include the following.

  • Natural Beauty: Many native trees, shrubs, and plants produce vibrant flowers and deliver attractive fall foliage. Tourists travel to areas such as TN to take in the breathtaking native trees as the seasons change.
  • Health Benefits: Manicured lawns and imported flowers often require regular fertilizer and pesticide treatments. Those harsh chemicals trickle into our drinking water and negatively impact the health of young children and our valued elders. Native plants, by contrast, do not require unhealthy support. They acclimated to the TN climate ages ago.
  • Air Quality Benefits: Native plants typically require minimal, if any, maintenance and care to thrive. They tend to demonstrate increased carbon-to-air efficiency and do not need lawnmowers to cut them back.
  • Water Conservation: Because native plants already adapted to the TN climate, they usually require less water than imported plants. Water ranks among our most vital natural assets. Expanding human populations place an increasing strain on clean water resources.

Wildlife Population: Native plants prove beneficial in terms of sustaining wildlife. This includes deer herds, fish, butterflies, and other wildlife. A diverse landscape that utilizes native trees, shrubs, and plants provide top-tier food resources for wilderness creatures. They also support native plant cross-pollination that can help farmers produce higher yields come harvest season.

The fact that property owners can reduce their landscaping workload by integrating native plants also makes life easier. But decreased reliance on fertilizers, pesticides, watering, among other factors, indicates that native plants prove invaluable to the environment and human health. Landowners may also be pleased to discover that our TN plant nursery provides a wide variety of eye-catching native species.

Beautiful & Hardy Native Plant Options Found at Our TN Nursery

Native plants offer property owners wide-reaching land management flexibility. They can be employed to sustain wildlife habitats on recreational land, reforestation after harvesting timbers, or beautify a residential landscape. Even a cursory glance at the following shortlist of native shrubs, trees, and perennial plants demonstrates they deliver enhanced benefits.

  • Daisies
  • Bloodroot
  • Hummingbird Plant
  • Brown Eyed Susan
  • Red Daylily
  • Lily Of The Valley
  • Dandelion
  • Great Blue Lobelia
  • Pokeweed Plant
  • Golden Bell Forsythia
  • Black Raspberry
  • Red Chokeberry Plant
  • Rabbiteye Blueberry
  • Honeysuckle Vine
  • Christmas Fern
  • Southern Red Oak
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Weeping Willow Tree
  • Red Maple Tree
  • Loblolly Pine Seedlings
  • American Elm Tree

As a TN nursery committed to environmentally responsible land maintenance and beautification, we provide these and many other native plants, trees, and shrubs. We hope this information about native species helps our community members make informed decisions about land stewardship. If you have plant inventory questions, please contact our TN nursery today.